Last week Rose and I drove down to Madison to do a little Christmas decorating!  I had dinner with my neighbors and might have had a couple too many....while blurting out "hey why don't I go down and do a little decorating at the farm?"

Well they latched on to that like a tick and since I won't do any decorating at my own house.....I decided to make good on my word:)

We did have fun and even though I thought I had way too much stuff.....we discovered I did not have enough!

I took a few pictures that I thought I would share today.

After searching Pinterest I had this great idea to do a Hot Chocolate Station...

Within five minutes I had stuffed my face with one of everything:)

The she texted me and asked if it was a plot to make her fat since apparently she did the same thing.

I told her she needed to use some self control....that it was for her guest:)

I didn't plan on setting the table but these little stockings from Target were so cute......

Her Bennington Pottery had just arrived and it looked cute as we just stuffed a napkin in with a sprig of faux berries!

We picked up the faux fur trees at Joanns but they looked a little plain so we cut red ribbon and pinned it on top.

We quickly snapped all of the I apologize if they aren't perfectly styled....:)

Found the gray stockings at Joanns and the white ones at Homegoods....

If you remember from the last Madison post I had split up a leather sofa and chair.....also here is the red rug in the room opposite of the really colorful one.  All I added here was a plaid pillow.

Pillow and plaid blanket here!

The main house guest bathroom got a Christmas pillow....

I found the rug at Target but I can't find it online anywhere!  

The little wreath from Joanns looks so real!  I actually ordered one for myself!

Not much in the guest rooms....but I did add a small Christmas tree and a bowl of candy:)

And there you have it....probably the only Christmas decorating I will do this year!  

I hope everyone enjoys some time off with their families.....What a year right?  I mean....whew.

Cami and I will be here snuggled up on the couch watching The Crown.  Just finished The Queens Gambit and really enjoyed it!

Happy Thanksgiving



tanyaj said...

looks so beautiful, no one asked me but i think you should do a little decorating at your house.. i bet a little green and sparkle would be good for the soul.. don't think about what was but enjoy the right now..

Anonymous said...

Do you have a source for the frosted reindeer glasses on the dining table? Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


AnneHH said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry! LOVE the Madison holiday decorating. So nice that you show how holiday decorating can be so harmonious with the underlying house decorating. Yes, goodbye soon to 2020!!!! In the meanwhile, stay healthy! xo

debra @ 5th and state said...

ok, where do your talents end?!?! guessing they don't.....festive & fun

I too just finished queens gambit and onto the other Queen, loving!


Su-z said...

I tend to shy away from Christmas decorations also — they just overwhelm me. The rest of my family overrules me, though. We have been switching between The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit. Have one more episode of the latter. I will be sad when it’s over,

Unknown said...

Beautiful and simple.
Once you are done with The Crown, Queen's Gambit I suggest Nicole Kidman's Undoing.

Karen Sunday said...

Very beautiful!! All your work is so inspiring!! Switching gears we love Yellowstone it's maybe not you usual but check it out!! Many blessing for you and Cami this holiday season, K Sunday

Regina S. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You deserve some happy!😁

Desert Diva said...

I loved everything you did! Deceptively simple, but so exciting! I, too, loved the frosted reindeer glasses! This post makes me want to get out my Christmas things and start decorating. Thank you for sharing your exquisite talent, it is a treat for all of your readers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

This was so fun. Isn't Ghiradelli chocolate great?! It's down the hill from us and we can go there when you visit! We'll burn the calories off walking back up. Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry.

Unknown said...

I was just enjoying every picture you posted with your Christmas decorating and then I scroll down and see Cami. And that's the picture I'm commenting on. What happened????? Oh my gosh - can he get any cuter????
Okay - and your decorating is, as usual, beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know how very much I love everything you so graciously share on your blog! It’s certainly been a bright spot in my day, especially during these times! I wish you a great 2021, you certainly deserve it! Know there are even greater things in your future! You are so very gifted, talented and all around adorable! Keep it up! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love and laughter!

Karen said...

You find a way of making every room you touch so inviting. I loved all of the little details you found. This truly turned out so well.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cami. I just finished The Crown and loved most of it. I kind of want to go back and re-watch all episodes beginning with Season 1.

Chris said...

Everything looks so fresh. Loved the Queens Gambit as well-just finished the searching for something. Happy Holidays !

Diana P said...

That house was made for Christmas decorating. Love how the simple reds worked with the reds in the rugs and how easy it was to add simple items and end up with a fantastic holiday look that manages to look both polished and homey. Well done! I live in Atlanta, would come tour this house in a heartbeat!

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