Lord I just skipped over Tuesday like it never came.  Seriously I just couldn't get it organize a post.  I know y'all understand between home schooling....working from home.....maybe you are sick of all things "home"....haha.

Anyway I'm here now and that's the thing.  When you fall off that horse you just get back on right?

Today I have some pictures of the Christmas Holiday Home.  I actually have not seen it yet but I'm going with friends on Dec  3rd so I should have a few more before it's all over.

They sent me these pictures.....and I did grab a few from Instagram:)

Man I love the entrance and especially the Christmas decor!

 Rick Hatch of Harrison Design was the architect.

Let's go inside.....

I am seeing these for the first time....I will like the website which tells you all  the designers and sources!

I still LOVE a white kitchen.....

Now this is a pretty table:)

The doors below....hubba hubba

I love the stone floors below.  Always a classic.

The thing about doing the Christmas Showhouse is that you ALSO have to do Christmas decor.  I totally respect these designers because it is so much work!

Classically beautiful.....

Love the fireplace below....

I am pretty sure that my friends Gordon and Dunning did the bedroom....can never go wrong with blue right!

You guys it is open until Dec 6th.  You can get tickets at the website. Atlanta Holiday Home  
And you can find sources here

I did download the paint colors for you.....ur welcome:)

Hope you forgive me for being sporadic with posting.  Every time I think I am healed....and I get cocky....I realize that it's always on my mind....sometimes like a small cloud.  

But I do realize everyone is going through something and especially now with the pandemic.  I know it's tough not to be with family for the holidays.  I am lucky my 2 sisters live nearby or it would be sad times for sure.

Look ahead to next year....with hope that we will be through these trying times and a new outlook on what it means to be with all of our friends and family right!



barbara said...

Sherry- SO glad you get to be with family.

Christmas in a show house....yes lots of work! I was a display person in department stores back in the 80s. Setting up Christmas was pretty miserable, I can't lie!

Have a lovely holiday

Teri said...

I'll take your posts when ever I can get them!


Anonymous said...

There were some elements I liked in the show house, but truthfully (and not to blow smoke) when I want to see GREAT design I look back at rooms you’ve done on your posts.
Carol H.

Melinda Haverland said...

I did window and in store displays as well. I still have anxious dreams about not coming up with a theme for the Holiday windows. I had a second story office/ warehouse where I would sit and sketch for hours. I still see myself in that exact space in my dreams. STRESS!!!

Anonymous said...

That house is gorgeous, so much to process but here are my favs of the Christmas decor:

- Forget Calgon, that Christmas tree next to the bathtub...take me away!
- The giant jingle bells outside, love em.
- The red scarfs around the trio of asian statues.
- The big wreath on the kitchen hood.

Thanks for posting, I always look forward to them.


Sheila in SF said...

Thanks for pictures of the Holiday house just lovely. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with family. Yes, let's hope next year will be brighter!

Anonymous said...

So glad you have your sisters nearby and hope you have a good Thanksgiving!! Next year will be better!!!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, you are a beast. It WILL get easier and you will look back and see how truly strong you are. Be gentle with are doing better than you think.

You are a great designer and an entertaining blogger! Thanks for all you do for us readers! Wishing you all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Sherry... several posts ago you showed Rose assisting you with an installation and one picture made it appear that she was putting the curtain rings on flat panels making them appear to have pinched pleats. If that was the case, I would love to see a post on how to do that because I wasn't able to accomplish that finished look. Thanks..... brm

michele said...

Love these, Sherry. And so much love for you. I'm glad you mentioned when you're going to the showhouse cuz who knows? Maybe a waify over the hill blogger in pointe shoes and mask will show up to soak up the pretty too. :) Hope your holiday is relaxing no matter how unconventional or bittersweet it may be. I highly doubt any of us will be overly concerned about how good or sub-par the gravy is this year. xox

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