Well was quite the week.....2 room installs and and curtain install gone wrong.  Not earth shattering but all kinds of hardware problems with shipping of wrong finishes.

My installer said it is getting more they don't have enough people to fill the orders.  Supply chain going wrong!

But....the amount of shopping I had to do for accessories but exhausting for sure.  I've said this before but you have to practically overbuy 3 times what you will need.  

Blah Blah's part of the gig and hey that is what I signed up for:)

On Tuesday I had the kitchen install.  After 3 months everything finally arrived so they were anxious to have a place to sit and eat!

I worked on this renovation with Ladisic Fines Homes all spring and summer.  Architects were Pritchett Dixon

The cabinets are SW Mindful Gray.  I had the table custom made because of the space between the island and eating area was tight!

When we were in design meetings I had the idea to put open shelves here.....just for breathing room.

A custom hood and custom leather barstools from Charles Stewart.

This was a renovation so the ceiling differences made a nice place to tuck the dining area in.

I was really pleased with my choice of seating.  The Woodbridge cane chairs mixed with a pretty Charles Stewart settee.....

I used the same leather from the barstools with a fabric back for softness.....

Here is a picture of the chairs without the cushions.....

The porch behind the kitchen is the cooking area with a grill.

I used some of her items and just augmented with a few pieces from Homegoods and Crate and Barrel.

Countertops are a quartz.....Caesarstone Calcutta Nuevo

Beautiful hand made walnut table.....

Closeup of the stools.

Cute Circa Lighting sconce.....

In this picture you can see how the kitchen relates to the family room......

There is nothing more exciting that seeing how it all comes together.  It's not uncommon for me to sit around and second guess everything after three months of thinking about it:)

I am always conscious of how people live.  They have 3 very active boys and a dog.  Everything had to be durable and I tried not to accessorize too much.  I had the table custom made for size..... but I  also chose a hard wood like walnut and since it is solid wood.....the top can always be refinished in the future!

I'm pretty stoked that it is Friday.  Cami and I have big plans.....just to hang around. 

The other night we went over to my neighbors for was SO good!

My boo....

Alrighty of the family room next week!

Rock your weekend kids!



La Contessa said...

When you have time check out Kristopher
He makes wooden tables and he is my SON!Perhaps too far away but he does ship.

Cindy said...

Just beautiful. I love the mindful gray cabinets and the fabric backed bench. The range cover is amazing. Also, I assume those are faux flowers, they're so pretty! Where did you find those?!


Gail said..., so beautiful! But then I I’m not at all surprised since I love everything you do. Beautiful pieces add to the simplicity of this gorgeous family home. Ll of your accessory shopping paid off, it’s stunning.

Carla Aston said...

Nice! I love those Woodbridge chairs. Tried to use them in my last two jobs, I’ll get there! Chas Stewart is my fave for upholstery and I’ve done that exact bench in a breakfast room too. Love it all!

Barbara Moore said...

Sheesh, Sherri. Another fantastic room. I know I gush constantly about how talented you are, but seriously, you know how to create beauty AND function. The dining bench? Genius. When I first saw it I thought uh-oh, that won't age well. Then the leather. So smart!! The shelves are so yummy with the minimal styling. The table, cabinets, windows. Wow. Another incredibly fortunate client. You+LadisicHomes=Perfection.

Gina Kinard said...

Wow that is gorgeous!!! I want to move in!

debra @ 5th and state said...

what can I say......I bow to your creativity, you're the best, ga ga over your work........ !!!!

keeping this post for references.


Kim said...

Can you tell me the name of the white on the walls. Simply stunning always.

Dian Owens said...

You hit this one out of the ballpark girl! I look forward to the rest of the renovations. I hope you and Cami have a great weekend!

Lhgamb said...


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