Don't get excited.....I just wanted to pop in and say that I am previewing the Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens 2020 for you today and will have the full post up tomorrow!

I think it will be epic as it was built by Benecki Homes and the list of designers is so full of talent that I am giddy with the thought of seeing what every one has done!


I have been trolling instagram looking for glimpses and I just know the details will be fabulous!

My friend Kelly will definitely bring her #blackandwhite game and I am pumped for it!

And you can count on Jared Hughes to bring his traditional look that he is famous for!

Look out for the OOTD since I am actually going somewhere today....hahaha

Also a few people got in touch with me about the colors for the Madsion Project....

Check out all the details on this post.....

Was over at my neighbors last night having a glass of wine and just admiring her back yard.

OK....I will be back tomorrow [or Sunday.....who am I kidding]  with the Showhouse pictures!



Christina said...

I couldn't help notice that all the designers used in the Showhouse were white. Given that Atlanta is comprised of 51% Black Americans, doesn't it stand to reason that at least 7 out of the 15 designers would be Black American? Interesting to see institutional racism happening right in front of me. While I probably would have noticed this disparity last month, I doubt I would have written a comment about it.

Judy said...

Good to hear from you!

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