I figured instead of not posting like I did last Friday I would just go ahead and throw together some randomness of my week....

Normally I have more design work going but lately it has just been building stuff and seeing a bunch of framing is not really that exciting right!

I think I have mentioned before that I had like 30 bathrooms to pick out tile, vanities, lighting and plumbing for and I am happy to say I'm on the home stretch! 

Well I have been moving forward with them all and I'm almost finished.  If I have to scroll lighting websites one more time.....haha

Let's start with my house.....I had my front yard cleaned up.....meaning pull out my dead boxwoods [sad....there is a blight that is killing them] and had a few flower beds planted with some pine straw put down.  

I am sorry to say that the last few years I have not paid much attention to the outside....

Thanks to that massive oak tree I can't get any grass to grow.  The canopy  covers my whole yard!  
I know somebody will house is painted BM China White and the shutters are BM Kendall Charcoal.

It's a little like making your bed....even though there are some messy parts of the always looks better after you do that!

That little concrete lamb has been sitting there for 20 years and it's covered in moss.  I'm OK with that!

So my friend Cindy over at Rough Luxe Lifestyle Blog did a post about this Target dress and linen wrap....Y'all it was so cute that I ordered them both!  I mean 19.99 for the dress and I think 24.99 for the wrap!

I did a mini version.....and actually wore that sucker 3 days in a row!

I needed some white shorts so I cut off an old pair of jeans.....

The dress is a pretty simple black knit and I probably would not wear it without the know my old arms and such:)

You can find the links on her blog!

After telling you that framing is not that I am posting.  But....only to show you this project that I am picking out lighting for!

When you walk into the foyer you can see the family room, island and dining room.  Yeah....what does that mean?

That you can also see 4 light fixtures!

So it is important to make sure they flow.  This couple fell in love with the mercury glass bell jars I used over at Friar Tuck so we started with those....

Here is where we finally landed with some pretty Circa Lighting fixtures and I am pretty happy with it!
Another fabulous project by Ladisic Fine Homes.

And it was time for Cami to have her summer cut...

She is very snuggly when she doesn't have hair so that is the best part!

OK Y'all....what are your plans for the weekend?  I might scoot down to Madison and hang with my neighbors.  They will be leaving in 2 weeks to spend 4 months up in Nantucket and I am really going to miss them.  I think they feed me 3 x's a week.

Who's out and about?  Who is still scared?  I'm in the middle....I might not go to a theme park but I will go to dinner and stores.  



Anonymous said...

I think I’ve told you this before, but I Love everything about your style with both interiors and and fashion. I’m going right to Target! Loving the lighting also.


barbara said...

Sherry- You always have style and grace. Not easy in the best of times let alone not...
Cami looks darling, hope she is feeling better...her eyes are so dreamy : )
I too am sort of going out and sort of staying in. Last night we went to dinner in Inman Park (Atlanta) with a friend....the tables were not all being used to keep a safe distance. The restaurant staff all had on masks. Had a really nice time...felt almost like normal.
Have also meandered around a couple TJMAXX. Seems like everything in there has a red sticker
Yes, I wear my mask and wash/Purell my hands.
Ready like everyone else for life to get back on track!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the silver necklace in the image with the wrap and jeans. Care to share the details?

Chris said...

Loving all the selections! And jealous you can get Came groomed. My husband and I bathed Ollie, our sheepadoodble last week because our groomers are still closed due to COVID. The two of us in bathtub with him, lots of Cowboy magic and detangler. But I can't cut his nails, too much fluff to see what I'm doing!

Kathy said...

Go to Madison!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time!!!!!
Lighting choices, as usual, are right on!
BTW, your arms are in great shape. I’ve been told I have “bat wings.”😩

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh my gosh you look amazing in the Target fashion! I wish I had your arms, wait and your legs and body!! You look absolutely fabulous all the time! And thank you so much for the shout out! I love you!

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