Lord....Sunday and Cami.  What a day.  For the third time since January she had another UTI.  Something is going on and she is going to require some tests.  

When I noticed the symptoms.....which of course every time has been on a weekend.... that means double the price right.  And because of Covid  you have to wait in your car.  That's always fun.

I took her around 11 AM and they could not get a urine specimen because I stupidly walked her before we left.  WTH.....

They said being her back in 3 hours and don't let her pee.  Crikey that is all she wants to do....or try to do anyway.  So I followed the directions and gave her 1/2 Tylenol and 1/2 Benadryl.  Then I left to go for a walk because I was so anxious I could hardly stand still.

I came back 1 1/2 later and she had peed a tiny bit at the back door [poor baby].  I took her back at 3:30. urine. now I am teary and frustrated.

They said bring her back at 8:00.  So I drive home crying because at that moment....I felt my life was crumbling....which of course it wasn't but you know how frustration can cause a whole plethora of emotions.

Clean up your act Sherry.  I go home and think "how the hell can I get her to drink water?".  Lightbulb moment.  I fed her dinner with a half box of chicken stock.  I felt pretty smart at that moment.

I took her back at 8 and when they came out to get her I said "be careful and hold her leash tight cause she will try to pee".  People....when the doctor called me in the car and said she squatted right when she got in there I went  full on hysterical.  Yada....yada.....they managed to scoop some up and test.  Inconclusive on what type of bacteria but he knew not to give me disappointing news and gave me some medication.

I was spent after all of that.  Cami and I drove home totally exhausted from the day. 

 She is still my boo.

So with all that [sounds like my dog ate my homework]  I am not prepared for a level 10 post today but I will just dump some pictures on you just in case you don't follow me on "the gram"  haha.

When I walking on the trail in my neighborhood I saw 5-6 of these cute little painted stones placed at the base of trees.....

I don't know who is doing them but they are so dang cute and made me smile:)

I know this is not quite the stage that garners interest but this is one of 2 projects that I have going on right now!

[builder] Ladisic Fine Homes and [architect] Linda MacArthur  

Here is the other one....

I got this Charles Stewart ottoman recovered and it looks swell!

This room is coming pictures soon!

This is what I wore to a client meeting the other day and my client had on a seersucker jacket also!

I think we will get on pretty good huh!

 Finishing up this project and I am pretty happy with these paint colors.  SW Intellectual Gray and the trim is SW Anonymous.  I think it goes nicely with the stone.

Laundry room floor.....

I ventured out to one of my favorite stores the other day Huff Harrington.

The other day I wore these Gap camo jeggings with a frilly H&M top that I got last year.
I felt cute all day....haha

I went looking for a runner and saw these 2 beauties from Parviz Rugs.

I was trying to get organized in my office gathering up fabric memos to return to ADAC and got sidetracked.....easy for me to do!

The carpet is from Crescent Carpets called Ticking Stripe.

And I posted this "ootd" on Instagram to show that this is a sundress and I threw a shirt on over it and added a belt!

I start with Cami and end with her....

She is my buddy....and I can not imagine what my life would be without her during these trying times.  I have such highs and lows these days.  I am so unsure of my future and that is pretty darn scary for a 68 year old.  I am looking at having to work until I am in a wheelchair with a diaper on.  Ugh.

OK....gotta go walk Cami because the stare down from her is relentless....hee hee.



betsy said...

so sorry about Cami! Sometimes I have the vet go in and straight cath to get a urine sample. Or, have the vet give you a catch kit to DIY urine collection. You can follow her around with a soup ladle and catch the urine yourself! works like a charm. Good luck with the diagnostics. Answers are good. I enjoy your blog.

A happy reader said...

Love all your outfits. You look like you’re commander in control. Hope Cami is better.

Carol S. said...

On the brightside...Amazon delivers diapers, so there's that...hope I made you smile, as you always do me.

Melissa I. said...

Hope Cami is feeling better soon and that y'all get to the root cause of her repeat UTIs.

I love that floral fabric on top of the Crescent Carpet. Will you share more info on it? It would be awesome as a bathroom wall paper!

Hang in there, Sherry!

Shirley said...

You and Cami were meant to be together. I remember your posts on the journeys to rescue her. What a Blessed Dog and Owner. Enjoy your posts very much, get some great ideas.

Jeanine said...

I am nearly crying with you at the UTI/vet fiasco of a day! No shame in hysteria that that point, geesh. Dogs are the BEST - they love us no matter what. No wonder you cherish Cami so. Also - I love your OOTD posts. So inspiring. The only place we can go at the moment is the grocery store or Home Depot. Some retail is starting to open here this week, but only with a safety plan and 50% capacity (how are they going to measure THAT??). Looking forward to a day where a cute outfit actually matters again. Hang in there, Sheri! Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I’m feeling all your same feelings. My kitty is my little soulmate and he is having his own set of problems. It kills me. On the bright side, you look adorable in all the outfits and your decorating is sure we would be friends if I lived closer. Please keep th posts coming.


Mary said...

Hi Sherry,
I’m sorry to hear about Cami. That poor girl. I don’t know who’s hurting more, her or you.
I’m loving your daily outfits. Clothes look so good on you! You can wear anything.

Colleen said...

Just a thought about Cami’s issue with UTI’s, my Golden was having chronic issues and our vet suggested a special prescription food. It worked! Just a thought. Love all of your outfits.

tinab158 said...

Poor little Cami...Koda, my daughter's Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (that's a mouthful)had an issue with UTI's, the last one was so bad she had developed crystals and was peeing blood. It was so painful for her.

My daughter switched to a raw diet (with minimal carbs) and the UTI cleared up, never to appear again. If you get the chance, Google the affects of carbs (dry food is at least 40% carbs) on a dog's gut pH. In a nutshell, excess carbs change the pH allowing bacteria to grow(Koda's pH was 9+)...if we take away the carbs, the pH returns to normal (somewhere just under neutral/7) and the bacteria simply cannot grow. Easy peasy. You can test Cami's urine pH with test strips...just hold it under her when she pee's (if you can get her to

Prescription diets from the vet have an ingredient/medication that will help prevent UTI's...unfortunately, it's pretty pricey and our dogs are still battling the excess carbs. Sending well wishes to Cami...

Su-z said...

Poor Cami! It’s so hard when pets are ill. We had a dog years ago that had recurring UTIs. They finally stopped, not sure what did the trick. Your camo pants are darling - you ARE cute! And look much younger than you are. Gorgeous rugs and I love that ottoman.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You are such a good mama to Cami. And YOU LOOK stylish. I need to try a little harder :)
Mary Ann

Jen said...

So sad for you and Cami-I know how scary it is. She is such a beautiful dog and I know from experience how much company she must be for you. You look so good in all your outfits!!! Take care of yourself-everything is going to get better!!!

gayle said...

You look fabulous...sweet Cami. You are also, very talented.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

So I read your last paragraph about the stress you are feeling with respect to your age and the possibility of having to work until you are elderly and possibly infirm.

I don't actually know you but I do have a hard time believing that you would ever be infirm. Instead, I think you will be one of those women who look, seem and function much younger than your years may indicate.

Also, I don't know your financial position but I do know that you are smart, very talented and also quite resilient. As a bonus, you happen to also be very pretty and likeable. The whole package, as it were.

So, with that being said please do this - calm yourself, breathe deeply and remember you have a God that loves you faithfully and everlastingly and you have sisters who won't let you down. I'll bet if you are working in 5 years, it's because you CHOOSE to work, not because you HAVE to work. :)

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