Hello....taps on the mic.....anyone there?  I am just coming out of the fog of international travel and boy it's so hard!

Not to complain but we all got sick the night before coming traveling with a bad cold made the experience suck.  I don't remember ever being this happy to be home.....said Dorothy as she clicked her ruby heels together.

Lord it will be a minute before I cross the pond again.....

More on my trip in the next post because I have to get it together in my head first.....:)

Before I left I had a small install....meaning a guest room "fluff".  I have been working with these clients for 2 years doing an extensive renovation and furnishing the whole house.  When it gets down to the end....we had a guest room that just needed a small we kind of threw leftovers in there!

As you can see they had a good foundation....nice bed and lighting.

Changed out the coverlet to white and added new pillows and a throw.  It just looks fresher now right?

When I found the blue and white lumbar pillow I was plain giddy over it!

A pretty basket on the bottom shelf of the nightstand helps fill empty space.

Opposite the bed is this Room and Board navy sofa.  This area needed a little love also!

I love the mirror from HomeGoods as it helped to add some texture to the room!  The floor lamp was from Crate and Barrel.  I couldn't do a coffee table as I had only about 2 feet from the end of the rug to the that small white wood table was perfect!

Brought a little orange over to the couch.



I was lucky to find this piece of art because we all know HG's art can be sketchy....It had a really pretty frame.

The vases were HG's and the faux fig branch came from West Elm....

Takeaway....I put the mirror over the couch because I knew I could add color with pillows....the art over the console because I would need color there!

Takeaway.....Blue and white is always easy to find at HG's.  I try not to make it harder by sticking to colors that are easy to find especially in a pinch.

Takeaway....I bought like 25 pillows for this job because I wasn't sure how things would glad I did because some of the ones I thought would look good....didn't.  Come Prepared!

So there you have it!  I am recovering....colds suck and if they can put a man on the moon why is there not a cure?  



Anonymous said...

Have u tried Cold-Eze? It cuts the duration of the cold in half. Miracle! I swear by it.

Anonymous said...


Where is your white coverlet from, please? I need one just like it.

Kelly said...

Enjoyed seeing the refresh. Hope you feel better soon!

Su-z said...

Very nice changes. And thanks for the takeaways. Very helpful for an amateur like me! Zicam is my go-to cold treatment. I use the nasal swabs whenever I feel a cold coming on. Sometimes I don’t get a cold. If I do, it shortens the duration. They’re small, so I stick some in my bag for travel.

Dian Owens said...

Beautiful room refresh! I'm loving the use of navy these days, and it goes well with orange (my favorite accent color). Feel better soon!

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