Sorry to leave you guys hanging on Friday!  I left for Highpoint Thursday morning and it's a blur after much to see and not much time!

Walking 15,000 steps a day so comfortable shoes are a must......which hinders the "outfit" at times.


I think I took 500 pictures so I should have some good blogging material for a while...... which will prevent me from talking about subjects like toilets:)

Southern Home Magazine put on their first showhouse while we were there.  The Julian Price House was featured on an episode of Hoarders....which I missed but am now obsessed to find and watch.

I had to run through the house because the opening party was at 6 pm [in Greensboro] and I had to be at a dinner at 7 pm [in Highpoint....30 min away!] 

Like a good blogger I snapped away and also did a little instagram snooping for some better pictures...I can be genius like that....hee haw.

Found this before picture of the outside....apparently a designer lived in the house and after her husband died I guess the hoarding started.....

This is what it looked like when I got there.....

Hoarding shot

Empty foyer after the home was cleared 


Beautiful Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper

Not sure which room this is but OK....whoa.

Pretty guest bedroom

And they did a great job making the bathroom fun since it had green tile.  Love the walls.....


Living room....

I love the profile of this corner sectional!

Through the LR was a sunroom clearly sporting the same blue and green colors....I was totally drawn to this space.

There is so much more....31 rooms in this house!

We will continue on Friday.  

On a side note.....sticking with WW in Highpoint was damn hard.  8000 snacks in every showroom....I'm SICK of fruit.... I just tried to save all my points so I could have a few glasses of wine every afternoon!  

It's the important things in life right :)



onnery said...

Wow, I cannot wait for more of this place! That rug in the guest room - love it, actually the entire room is gorgeous. The blue and green living room was my aha moment, as I have been toying with those colors for the new (100 year old) place -keep the inspiration coming because I'll need it! Sounds like you had some fabulous time even though exhausting. Thank you for sharing.

Di Jones said...

Thank you for reminding me the Julian Price house is open for tours. I may even splurge and buy a ticket for "Michael and Eric -- The Unscripted Tour" . I only live 10 minutes away from Fisher Park. To think this mansion
sold for only $125,000 in 1975 to Sandra and Glenn Cowart blows my mind!
Please keep the great photo's coming!

Patricia said...

The home is decorated beautifully - I loved everything about it ! The colors together look amazing !
I hope I'm not wrong, but I think this home may have been on the A & E show called "Hoarders" ! It was such an interesting story of how all the hoarding came about, and how the 2 young men that purchased the home were so kind and patient with the older lady who refused to leave it - it was really a fascinating but sad story.
I absolutely love how it's been decorated - it really is stunning.

Patricia said...

Oops ! I'm sorry - I re-read your comments and you did mention the Hoarders episode ! I bet you could find it on You Tube !

Shelly said...

Wowee, that's a lot of hoarding, I don't know how someone lives like this! Really like the outside after everything was cleaned up however the inside not so much. Still looks like hoarders somewhat. No flow in this house, each room looks like a boutique hotel room. No thanks.

janet said...

Season 9 episode 6. I think they gave it two hours rather than the normal one hour slot. It's on my rainy day binge watch list!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. Gorgeous!

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