Thanks for all of your support for my gig at House Beautiful.....and giving me confidence that I can swing this color thing :)

Today I am talking about my latest obsession.  If you know me then you know when I get a hold of something I go all in.....think black and white!

I had to go to Target yesterday.....[had is used loosely here] for something.  As you know they have pretty much revamped the whole store.....especially all the clothing.

Many new lines and new styles.  I found myself in the shoe before I go any further I have to say that I rarely buy shoes in Target. Everything else though....ha ha.

Anyway I pulled down these red mules to try on and I felt the obsession coming.  As soon as I put one on while I dragged the other one [I hate that they are tied together]  over to the mirror  I felt a moment.

These were so cute.....but I could tell right away they were maybe a 2 hour shoe and NO walking around!

I got them anyway because for 34.00 why not?

Then I got home and the hunt was on.....because I got it in my head that a beautiful white shirt, a pair of jeans and some red shoes can create a moment.


Do you agree now?  OK hold on before you start searching for stuff because I did a little footwork for you....your welcome.

Starting with white shirts....

And some red shoes....

My new obsession with jeans.....Lucky Brand

I got the curvy fit cause let's face it....this girl has them:)

Also....update on WW.  I'm 3 pounds down in one week [7 to go]....headed to Highpoint on Thursday so that will be a challenge.

Alrighty to work.



Anonymous said...

Go girl!! I love the idea of red shoes, white shirt, and jeans (do they make them without holes anymore?)

Sandy Petersen said...

Hi Sherry, I wonder if they have a white shirtaholic group? I could be pres! Thought I would pass on a link for Cuyana. They have a beautiful line of clothes and accessories and of course a white shirt.

michele said...

Yay for your loss! That's awesome. You have a way of making me want to dash for a Target run. But not for red pumps. I am still wearing my short red Ilse Jacobsen rain boots in these parts. Have a great trip at High Point. I get invited to all those swanky parties there each year so maybe someday. xox

Gail Storti said...

Who knew...Target for shoes? But I must confess that several months ago I bought a pair of “a la Gucci” black loaf mules there and they’re like slippers. I planned to just wear them around the house, but they are so comfy, I’ve been wearing them everywhere. I’m off to Targét tomorrow to find those red beauties! Love all the looks you shared. I, too, am a white me obsessed. xoxo

Unknown said...

Sherry had to chuckle when I saw this post on red heels... So often I see we parallel in the aesthetic preferences department... interior and fashion. Still chuckling here. On Valentine's morning, I woke up to long stem red roses with a pair of red heels I had been swooning after, sitting prettily under the long stems. What a guy, right?! I just LOVE that pop of red at the foot on a neutral outfit! Feet demanding a little attention. ;) Have fun wearing them with all the fabulous fashion looks you played out!

Judy G.

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