Lately I have made going to showhouses my job.  

I posted about Kips Bay Palm Beach and yesterday I toured the Atlanta Holiday Showhouse.

But..... I'm going to give y'all a break today and just ramble about nothing until your eyes start to bleed.

After all it's the Holiday Season and I will probably have your attention for a hot minute so let me make it about me right?

Last night I dragged myself out in traffic [those that know me will realize that was pretty epic] to help a good designer friend Jennifer Shoenberger celebrate her home on the cover of Atlanta Magazine's Home!

I'm now obsessed with pink and red together!  Isn't she fabulous:)

 My tribe!

 Crikey why didn't I at least put some lipstick on?

Hahahahaha....almost the same look.  I think I am 6 here.

 I have been to her crib and it is gorgeous!

Remember when I posted about shopping all over the place in Atlanta last week?  Well here was the result of my pillow collection for a client.

Over at my Manchester project we finally  got the rug!
 I'm digging it!

And picked up this cool modern end table.

Pillows were installed......

Another project got this awesome Emtek door hardware.....swoon.

And the bathrooms are coming along nicely.

Oh yeah....there was that one "tear out" before they got it right.  Yikes.

I finally calmed down about the SW Pure White when I found some pretty backsplash tile.

I binged this new show from Amazon

Such a favorite....a comedy, with fashion and beautiful sets! 

Cami looking all pretty:)

Blah blah blah.....I think that's about it for today.  I am going to torture myself at Barry's Bootcamp again.

My hope is to get a wreath on the door this week.  Let's see how that works out.



Anonymous said...

No image of shoe??

Anonymous said...

Where is the rug from?

Anonymous said...

Love the pillows. Inspired by the pink and red fashion...I'm gonna try this holiday. Bootcamp and then wine. Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

it's so nice that you ladies support one another. a few of my favs + you in that picture.

Bonnie G. said...

You make me feel calm! lol I decided to be sick instead of decorating (misery loves company). Have a nice weekend!

Tn RIVA Grl, Susan T said...

You have a beautiful tribe. I love when women come together, show support and "LIFT" each other up.

I have really enjoyed all the Showhouse pics otherwise I would not have been exposed. I love it when high-end Designers use things from places like "Home Goods" and "Target". It proves you can mix the two successfully. Looking forward to seeing your work.

I love Cami. She makes me laugh out loud like her mommy. Merry Christmas to you and your Family!!

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