Well I was pretty smug for about 3 years.  

"About what" you ask?  

That I had NOT had a cold.

And then BAM....I got the "mother of all colds".  The one where you totally lose your voice and and it takes you down to the depths of the "cold abyss".

This has been my diet for the last few days as clients don't really care that you are near death when it comes to getting things done before Christmas!  

On Wednesday I shopped all day....went to 13 stores so I could totally accessorize a whole room with lamps, a rug, pillows, throws, end tables etc.

Lucky for me I had a friend drive me everywhere and help load and unload the car.  She was my Christmas angel.

Good thing I am not a man cause you all know their ass would be in bed.....complaining.

Just saying.

Meanwhile after searching high and low for a tile guy who wasn't booked solid this backsplash  finally got done on my kitchen remodel.




We used this

And here.....before



Next up styling!

And how about these gorgeous dining room chairs that were delivered for another client.

Charles Stewart never disappoints!

Look at me doing modern:)  Art by Scott Kerr

These CB 2 barstools came for the basement.

I wish I had more for you today like my favorite Christmas gifts or my own house Christmas decor...what a lame blogger I am.

I need to get it together....I was telling someone the other day that when I get overwhelmed..... instead of buckling down I have a tendency to wander the mall or get on Pinterest and just zone out.

That helps right?  Crikey.




Anonymous said...

I do the exact same thing when I get overwhelmed.My dining room looks like Santa's workshop exploded! Giftwrap,boxes and ribbon everywhere.I just leave home and wander around Homegoods.Then I go to the mall and look at clothes that would look good on me when I lose 15lbs.
Fell better.


Mary said...

Isn’t your husband retired? He can’t put up a Christmas tree? I got my husband to do ours this year. I was surprised at the nice job he did.
I think he should do it every year going forward. Lol

Unknown said...

I got lucky with a mature golden who decided after 12years of not touching a thing to start chewing up the house; woodwork, rugs, etc every time she was left alone. So, we had to cancel a trip to Williamsburg which resulted in 10 days off from work. For once I’m more or less set for Christmas. Wouldn’t recommend going that route tho. I used to say the same thing about colds and bam, seems like every time someone at work gets sick I get it. Worse. Love how you’re able to tweak a kitchen without totally ripping it out. It’s fun to see the transformation. Little changes can make such a huge difference. Happy holidays to you.

confidentdreams said...

Hi Sherry! Hope you feel better soon. I love reading your posts. I've been looking for a rug just like the one pictured above with the dining room chairs. Would you mind sharing your source or recommending where I might find something similar?

Thanks! Anne

Anonymous said...

Cold or not, you knocked it out of the park, esp that dining room. And esp that kitchen. And esp....

debra @ 5th and state said...

drooling here over the dining room, seriously sumptuous!
LOVE your transformations Sherry, best out there

beyondbeige said...

Oh gurl, you amaze me.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you but mostly on the couch or in bed without a voice and with the Cold for Smug People! 😉BE CAREFUL, I didn't slow down from my responsibilities and it turned into bronchitis. Does the Alka seltzer work? Im on a Z Pack & RX cough medicine now but most of the OTC stuff I tried didn't help very much. You'e designs are great despite the cold. Take care. Hope you're healthy for Christmas with loved ones and friends.

Nashville Lady said...

Careful.....had the same malady, turned bacterial and 2 weeks later still trying to get over it. Antibiotics are helping a ton. Rest and get well!

Regina said...

Oh my gosh I love everything about your posts!

Reviving Charm said...

I seriously don't know how you managed to pull it off being so sick! Things are looking crazy amazing! I do hope you get over your nasty cold real soon so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Your kitchen is coming along well and I do love those dining chairs...

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