Lord it has been a while since I have had a good before and after!  

But before we get all "designy" thanks for all of your suggestions about my nasty rotten cold.  After a week and a half I think I've turned the corner.  It's weird because I feel like such a complainer...... and I think it was because I forgot what a cold feels like!

I better save that for something serious like cancer.  

Lesson learned.

OK....down to business.  We had not gotten to my clients guest room yet but they were having family for Christmas and he asked if there was a way I could turn it around quickly.

You guys know I am always up for a challenge [even sick] so I accepted.

Luckily there was furniture so it was mostly the fun stuff.

They were waiting for the mattress which came on Tuesday.


I wasn't going to reinvent the wheel since I only had about a day and 1/2 to shop.

I stuck with white bedding.....sheets from PB Duvet from BBB and the coverlet from Target.  I happen to have the black and white pillows that I bought from the July Market so that was my starting point!

I scored this throw from HomeGoods which was perfect!  I actually went to three other HG's looking for another one.  My sister who helped me with the install could not believe I was letting it go:)

At the last minute I threw these baskets in my car [that I already had] just in case I needed them and it turned out to be the perfect thing!

I looked everywhere for lamps.  Since the end tables were small I ended up useing these from Target.  The good thing is that using some less inexpensive things allowed me spend more on art.



It was the 11th hour when I stumbled upon these cute stools from Target.



I scored this art at HG's....

There are a few stores I always pop into for some good accessories and one is Noah & Co.  I scored this pillow which again...the stars were definitely aligned!

Found some good black and white books from HG's [so glad they are stocking these now!]


Here is where I had a slight fail.....

I could not find the perfect mirror for over the chest:(

Another piece of great art from Noah & Co.

I did find a black and white  phone cord and that made me happy!

And this boxed water from World Market right!



Last install of the year.  Boom.

Love y'all....thanks for all of your support!



Anonymous said...

Putting yourself under the gun works! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty! Do you have a source for the Roman shades?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When buying retail, how do you charge your clients?

debra @ 5th and state said...

friggin fantastic! down to the boxed water????
your clients, all of them, are lucky to be in such hands. gorgeous Sherri!
merry Christmas!!

Carsto said...

On the "Noah & Co. website they don't list any prices. Is this retail source open for anyone or just those in the industry? Thank you, Carmen

Gail Storti said...

How absolutely fabulous! I want to be a guest in that room....or I want that guest room in my house! LOVE, LOVE it!
Glad you’re feeling human again. Have a happy holiday!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Awesome!!! Merry Christmas, Sherry.

Joan S said...

I love your blog! Happy Holidays

Kisha@Design Intervention Diary said...

It looks fantastic and you did this while still sick?! Well done! :)

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