Whoa boy.....did my farewell to gray create some drama!  Let me set the record straight....I am not the "gray police" and I won't be knocking on your door to make sure you have retired this iconic color.  

Here's another shocker for you..... I am not the authority on color trends either!  Fact.

So I'm going to do something unheard of.....and that is..... let you make your own decisions on paint color choices!  Yep....I can be impartial like that.  

It's a gift:)

BUT.....I will say this.  Gray and ivory/beige can play together nicely.

As I saw in one of my favorite consignment stores in Atlanta called Swoox.  

It's the kind of store where you drop off things you want to sell and they curate it so perfectly that you want to take it back home!

In other news my good friend Jennifer's gorgeous home is in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles this month......

This beautiful ivory room!  

She is the queen of mixing high and low for sure! Many times I have asked her where she got something and she will say "Target"!

In other news [after about 3 tries] the finish on these cabinets were finally approved.  So hard to get an idea in your head moved to reality right?

Coming together at a snails pace.....

 At the same house we got some black and white photographs hung in the foyer. 

And these chairs at the foot of the bed got some pillows.....

On Saturday I am headed back up to Madison so hopefully I will have some good shots for you on Tuesday!

Last time we were there the furniture got rearranged....

I'll be hanging some cream linen panels on the existing rods.
Original leather sofa.....

This one is definitely "design in a dime":)  Which makes it so much fun!

Weekends are for merrymaking and today in Atlanta it's going to be 77!



Taste of France said...

It all depends on which gray and which cream.
We painted everything gray but it was kind of foisted on us. I had envisioned ecru--the color of white in the early morning sun--white but with a tiny hint of warmth. Unfortunately that color looked terrible next to the gray interior shutters, gray because they are 400 years old in a historical area and the historical preservation authorities get to pick out the colors of your windows and shutters and stucco (and I mean the exact shade). That ecru didn't look sun-kissed; it just looked dirty next to the regulation gray. We adapted, and it worked out great. Though with 13-foot ceilings and tons of moldings and carved wood decorations (birds, flowers, lutes), it's hard for it not to look wonderful.

Kathysue said...

Loved your first couple of sentences in this post, LOL. I shared your gray post on my FB page and even I got a little bit of drama, and one person in particular got deleted for being combative, I have that power button to delete!! Now about your current project, omgosh both are turning out gorgeous. That lighting orb is gorgeous, love,love that and also I see you are using some portieres, love that, have always wanted to do that. It is all looking splendid. I think I am coveting that light fixture!
Happy Fri-Yay!!!

Love Jennifer and I could tell that she was going to be a star somewhere along the line in her career and she has such a wonderful heart too. Now I can say I know two stars, You and her!! xoxo

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I subscribe to Atl H & L thanks to you now. Cabinets look great!!!! I am in AZ where it's supposed to be HOT and it's only in the 60's and really cold at night. Enjoy your warm weather!

Betsy Cobb Gordon said...
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Betsy Cobb Gordon said...
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Betsy Cobb Gordon said...

I went by Swoox Friday after seeing your post. What a fabulous store!
The Madison project looks like it's coming along nicely and I can't wait to see the finished pics.
I thought the gray blog post was awesome.. even though I just had painted our two story foyer BM classic grey. It's a nice neutral in my house and really changes colors from day to night.
Hope you've had a great weekend.

Betsy Gordon

Unknown said...

YOU ARE SUCH A LOVE!!!! Love you to the moon and back friend!!! Got your back for life xoxoxo

love your gritty girlfriend from the mitten hahahaha.

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