The other day while I was searching for some accessories for my ORC I stumbled across some great bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I have always liked to mix ready made bedding with some custom pieces to create a unique look that doesn't break the bank. 

I mean why not right?

Take a look at this new collection from Beekman 1802.

It has a "boho" feel to it.

Here are a few pictures of some pillows I took while there....

On a lighter note...there was this collection.

Pretty sheets huh?

They also have some furniture pieces...

Josh [NY Times best selling author] and Brent [former VP of Martha Stewart] also have a book available now.

I mean they do 2012 they won the Amazing Race!

How cute are they?

OK....I got off on a tangent so back to BB&B.

Here are some other collections I saw.

This beautiful Wamsutta linen...

This black and cream collection from Catherine Malandrino.

This collection from Villa Di Borghese

I also really like these sheets from Waterford.'s clear to me that I need some new bedding right now.

Here is an example of where I mixed in ready made with custom....

The only custom here was the yellow pillow!

The shams and stripe pillow were custom....

All the pillows were custom but everything else was readymade.  Some ribbon was sewn onto the bedskirt for a more custom look.

I know you guys know this but sometimes we need a reminder right:)

Hope you are having a great Saturday!  I have about a million things to get done before my ORC reveal....yikes I get anxious just thinking about it.



Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Wow, love the Beekman 1802 bedding set! I especially love the crocheted pillow! No one can never have enough bedding, right? Have a lovely weekend!

cindy hattersley design said...

What? You found all of that at BBB? I am pretty sure mine does not have any of that but I am sure going to check now. I love the Beekman Boys. I had no idea they had a book.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I never find such great things at ours...I'm going to check it out...I'm looking for bedding for my bedroom.

barbara said...

The Beekmans were great on Amazing Race! So glad they are doing well!

designchic said...

Can't wait to get the Beekman Boys new book - it looks amazing - love the linen bedding!!

Unknown said...

nice! I want those waterford sheets stat. Thanks peanut! I'm going to hit BBB much more now!

Emmy Frimmer said...

The bedding items look to be the best out of all. Who knew BBB could have such varied choices.

Unknown said...

These collection of bed sheet sets is good. I mostly love the embroidered dark grey pillow. Thanks for sharing.

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