I hate to sound like a broken record but it does seem like I am getting less done lately.  I forgot how much time I used to have to fluff up my house and think about decorating "before the new puppy".  I mean it's hard to accessorize when everything has to be put up high out of "destroy range".

It must be like having a toddler around so hats off to all of you mothers....I am amazed that you can style something and have time to photograph it.

Not happening around here.

Yesterday I was talking with a new client about her renovation and I guess I kept saying "all white....clean....fresh" a little too much and at the end of my conversation she said "but could we add a little color?"

Ha!  JK.

I sent her these pictures from my friend designer Cristi Holcombe Interiors and taken by photographer Christina Wedge.

Nice white kitchen but adding some color with fabric.

Same here....but adding color with that great blue vanity!
And a green one this time....

Go take a look at more of this project.

My neighbor threw away her outdoor pillows because they were yucky and moldy.  I scooped those suckers up and took them home.


 I put them in the washer [insert and all] with outdoor bleach purchased from Home Depot.  Added some detergent and put the setting on heavy duty.  After the first wash they were 85% clean.  I ran it through once more with NO detergent....just bleach.

Like new.

I rehung some pictures for a friend the other day...she was taking them down from one area and I was all pushy "like you need to hang them here".

FYI that large thing over the mantel is a wine root from Napa!

Strolling through ADAC the other day and ran across these great boutique fabrics in Travis & Company.

Cindy Barganier is a designer in Alabama and is responsible for these great fabrics!

I discovered a new app called SketchGuru

Love this light fixture from West Elm.....

Especially since it is my favorite color:)  All lighting 20% off right now.

Well it's time for the first walk of the day with Cami.....gotta go early before the heat gets too bad:)

Have a great weekend y'all!



Carrie said...

I cannot get over those pillows! I'm about a minute away from trying to do the same thing with my giant outdoor seat cushions... Love all this goodness! Puppy faces make all the chaos of training them worthwhile. :)

Kathysue said...

I have never heard of outdoor bleach, I will have to check that out. I wonder what the difference is? White and more white is going to be in the main part of my new home, but my bathrooms had the addition of a color I was not planning on, but think I can make it work. I am calling it sand/linen instead of beige, because you know I am not a beige girl. I wrote about it on my blog post today.

René said...

My outdoor pillows need this! Thank you!

Debra Russell Fine Art said...

Brilliant. I'm headed to Home Depot right now to remedy my cushions that I paid a mint for and they look crappy. Hope this works by scrubbing and a good hose! Does Cami like to swim? I take our lab puppy to an indoor pool to swim an hour every day. It means he will pass out and sleep for 4 hours straight once I get home so I can get work done!

Louisse said...

you've got a very clean and classy home..
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Gail said...

That Cami is precious! You will soon be longing for these "puppy" days again, time goes so quickly.....

JeanneW said...

Thank you for the outdoor bleach idea! This is new to me. Hoping so save our outdoor chair cushions.

Victoria said...

Thanks, Sherry, for the pretties , but most of all for the outdoor pillows cleaning tip. I am on it today.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Love this kind of newsy post, Sherry! Score on the outdoor pillows...I had the same ones on outdoor iron dining chairs and they washed up nicely until the got rust stains...then, just had to toss them. My sister in San Diego has all our old outdoor furniture now...and her back yard feels like home!

Chief was crazy until he turned two and now he is a little calmer and not chewing on everything...he loves to chew on those fake sticks that you can get at Target. Might try that.

Pink Camellias said...

I think you are right about keeping kitchens mostly white, and then adding in little pops of color - I love the pretty roman shades in the first picture. I also really like the last Travis and Company fabric - that would make a great pillow.

I think keeping the big stuff neutral makes it easy to switch out colors and patterns when you get tired of them. I once made the mistake of getting two sofas with a big floral pattern on them. I had to sell them in a few years, because I wanted different colors. Now I have a neutral sectional, and I can change out pillows whenever I want.

cindy hattersley design said...

Wowza those fabrics are fabulous!!My trips to the design center are limited these days so I am so glad you are showing me what is new!

La Dolfina said...

Intrigued by that outdoor bleach!!!
Thanks for the tip!

Cindy Barganier said...

Thank you so much for showing us some love. I just got a request for some fabric samples and they said that found out about me from YOU! Love that! Thanks so very much.
Cindy Barganier

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