Michelle Bradley opened her showroom on Miami Circle [Atlanta] in 2001 and moved to ADAC a few years ago.  I would describe her style as luxury but specializing in artisan-crafted American made furnishing, lighting, and accessories.

I strolled in the showroom the other day to see what was going on....especially since her chandelier The Lucile is one of my favorites.


While there I found great art, fabrics, wallpaper, and furniture.  So many awesome things!


Donna Hughes

Jane Winfield

Mali Azima

Amy Donaldson

The Marley

The Christopher

Dallas Etagere 
Bianca Table


Tania Vartan


Loving this black and gold with the bees!

You can get samples and see all the goodness in the showroom!  

This is your public service announcement for the week:)

Annnnnnnd a new update on Cami.  Wednesday and Thursday she was absolutely crazy!  No kidding.  All day barking in your face....running around grabbing things just like the first and second day.

We put her in the crate at one point and she freaking barked for..... 

Setbacks.....but I'm not giving up.  SHE will not break me.

This was this morning in about 40 minutes.....goodbye clean house.

But then.....this face...
I have informed her that you can't get through life on your looks alone.




Melissa I. said...

Cami is acting like she is a 2 month old puppy! That face...sit there and take it momma!

Naz said...

Please delete the above from anonymous. It's porn.

Unknown said...

Loving that showroom and your precious pup- xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Love the unique wallpapers! Have you tried the water spray bottle or "shake can" (soda can with a penny in it) to stop the barking in the house? When our dog was a big 'ole puppy he used to start wrestling too rough with the boys. He ended up stopping bad behavior when I just lifted up the spray bottle. The first time I shook the can, however, he came running... what's that cool thing, mom?

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, Some very cool finds today, thanks for sharing! That Cami is one adorable puppy! Hang in there................... xo Holly

Scribbler said...

I don't know what to say about your cute dog except I am glad she is yours, not mine. I am too old to deal with this! What I need is more info on that Flat Vernacular wall paper. I looked on their site and did not see that one. Can you help?

StagerLinda said...

Love that sweet baby's face! Oh yeah, the other stuff was cool too.... but oops, upstaged by a precious Cami!

cindy hattersley design said...

That red polka dot fabric is calling my name. I am not familiar with that company...going to have to find them here..hang in there it does get better (Cami) bring her out here for a visit she is Beau's kinda girl!!

therelishedroost said...

You are a saint give Cami a chance, I too almost gave up on my crazy girl Dakota and 2years later she is such a nice dog. good luck!!

Kristin Smith said...

Ooo - I'm going to have to check out that show room!

Thanks for the Cami update - that dog is a nut! She is so funny - good thing she is cute! said...

Looks like a gorgeous store! Love the yellow abstract art!

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