There is a spider in my car.  

I suspected one had taken up residence because I have had a couple of bites on the back of my leg below the knee.  So of course he is waiting until I am driving and then being a sneaky bastard attacking when unavailable to swat the living hell at him.

I saw him yesterday.  He is quite little but the havoc he leashed on me with his venom made a 4 inch wide welt that I proceeded to scratch until I had an open sore the size of Lake Michigan.

I might have used a hairbrush, steel wool, and sandpaper to get at that itch.

He's a jumper too.  Yep.......I tried to do battle with him and he was bouncing around like Muhammad Ali in the ring.....shouting...

 "If you ever dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize!"

Stay tuned for more updates as the quest for his death continues.

Meanwhile......we have more important things to talk about like Celerie Kemble's wallpaper collection for Schumacher.

I got a sneak peak of it the other day in the showroom.  They let me in the back room.......it was all hush hush like buying knock off purses in China.

Don't dispare...there are plenty of pictures on the website now.

Feather Bloom/Dove
You can't tell in the pictures but they are very textured like grasscloth.

Translation:  $$$

Hot House Flowers/Sisal

Acanthus Stripe/Shadow
Probably my fav.


Ripple/Fog & Chalk

And the most fabulous of all......drum roll please.....

Stud Stripe/Natural Bronze
Yes...you are correct in your observation that it has tiny nail heads on it.
Mamma Say...Mamma Saw.....

Here are a few more.....

Cirrus Clouds

Flame Cropped

Schumacher just redid their show room......

That pillow fabric is off the charts.

And in the cream colorway....

Snap people....for real.
Shanghai Peacock/Brass

Shanghai Peacock/Cerise

Shanghai Peacock/Cinnabar

Ming Fret/Noir

Ming Fret/ Cerise

These beautiful wools.....so soft.  The windowpane is reversible to the herringbone.

Last one...Pointers/Tan
This is a 1940's print brought back.

There is so much more...but you get the point.  

I will keep you updated on #littleshitspider.

Going to a luncheon today at Mitchell Gold for all of the designers and sponsors who are working on my project at UMCH

Thank you so much again for your donations....hopefully I will have some updates soon on how I have been begging for sponsors and support.

Like I said....I have no pride when it comes to a good cause :)



Pura Vida said...

those wallpapers and fabrics are to die for...a whole different twist!

spiders scare the holy crud out of me! it's time for tarantulas here..see them crossing the warm highways...eeeeek!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Lord help me Sherry but I am starting to like wallpaper again and it's your fault. I have been resisting like mad but wow, some of those are amazing!

Good luck getting the spider...he has definitely met his match in you.

Have a good one...

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Hot House on my walls?! A dream come true!

Kathysue said...

sherry, I am loving Celerie Kimble's wallpapter especially the very first one you showed us. Loved all the eye candy here today. Always fun tagging along with you. Good luck on killing Mr. spiderman!!
xo Kathysue

michele said...

omg the feather bloom! i will dream about it. what an amazing covering.

9 days til paris, baby!

this spider has 9 lives or something?



An Urban Cottage said...

That Pointer wallpaper with some of those wools as upholstery would be uber fab. But how can you not love any wallpaper with the word stud in the name?

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Oh my - so much goodness to look at! Love the wallpaper with the studs - the S showroom is also full of treasures!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Wow! Those wallpapers really ZING! I have forgotten the battle with spiders and other bug type things as here in England we have so few which have poison, I even find them charming. Count me lucky .....

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

FABRICS AND WALLPAPER to die for. MC would leave me if I suggested wallpapering.....again!
Now about that spider....have some killing spray at your fingertips and zap him!!!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

WHAT....I have a pointer...I need that. Do I need to know some famous designer to get this?

Kim said...

Gorgeous ... have you thought about wallpapering the spider? You could glue him down ... insects are kind of in right now!! xo

pam {simple details} said...

I've been dying to wallpaper something, and this did not help!! I'm ok with spiders, but if he were a grasshopper I'd be out on the street asking the next passerby to kill him...I think he's met his match!

A room with a view said...

My favorite is the acanthus stripe - I love the contrasting colors - so much impact. And spiders - I have a phobia and always am nervous of any that might get into the car. I sure hope you get rid of yours (somehow).

Holly Gruszka said...

So much drooling I'm doing over here with the wallpaper options and that wool windowpane that reverses to the herringbone!! ahhh...And I have to tell you. I had a spider in my car earlier this week. The little bugger got away from me which sha-freaked me out even more (b/c I knew he was still in the car - he's eitehr going to eat me or Sheila) and then I saw him the other day again on the dash. You can be sure I pulled right over and batted the heck out of him - and OUT of the car. Buh-bye Mr. Spider - hope you find yours.

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Good luck on getting the spider Sherry, those little buggers are a pain for sure! Gorgeous wallpapers and I absolutely love the wool fabrics, especially the one that reverses into herringbone...that is exactly what I am looking for for my new space. Have a nice weekend.

Kristin Peake Interiors said...

Hate spiders, sorry to hear about your battle with one. Why do they have to be so sneaky?!?

Happy you had time to post these gorgeous pics. The feather bloom is great.

Stop by sometime...



Unknown said...

I was looking at the Schu site today and drooling! I love their papers and new fabrics!
Good luck with your spiderkill this weekend.
xo Nancy

LiveLaughDecorate said...

Horray for that nailhead wallpaper. That is too freaking fab. Lord have mercy with the spider. Poor thing - you and the spider. Hope the leg is healing nicely. Can't believe you've found the time to post with all the madness of the room service project et al. Anywho, have a fab, spider-free weekend!

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Drooling over those wallpapers! My favorite is the stud stripe - it would be gorgeous lining the back of a bookcase! (P.S. Hoping that you get that horrid spider over the weekend - hate those things!)

Alexis said...

Sherry - LOVING the new wallpaper. I'm really in love with one of them for our dinning room, but it looks like they are industry only. Is this something I could order through you?

StagerLinda said...

Oh those fabrics are so delicious. You are bringing me back to wallpaper that I swore I would never become involved with again. That spider business give me the willies. I think I would have to give up driving. LOL!

autumn said...

holy gorgeousness. wow! those CK wallpapers are so pretty. really makes me wish i wasn't poor.
i literally laughed out loud at your spider in the car dilemma. i HATE spiders. HATE. there is one living in my mailbox, and i nearly have an anxiety attack every time i go to get the mail. sometimes, i ask one of my kids to get it...is that mean??

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