About 3 weeks ago I met my friend Lisa Mowry OTP.  For those of you NOT from Atlanta that means "outside the perimeter".....which for me is about a 30 minute drive.

Well worth it for some lunch and good company!  Now some of you who have been reading my blog for a while might already know this, but Lisa is an editor for many magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Southern Living, and all of the Meridith Special Interest publications.

I did a post on "how to get published" here where I interviewed Lisa.  You might want to take a look....if that is something you might be interested in......:)

Anyway...back to our day in Marietta.  
She took me into dk GALLERY on the square.  

Good stuff....
I would kill for one of Sue Freda.  I love how organic it is....she works from a spool of wire.

OK...for some reason...I am a crappy note taker  I don't have all of the names of the artist to go with the art.  I don't want to put the wrong name on something.  

 Here are a few of the pieces I photographed.  Please go to the website to see all of the talented artist that Donna represents.
Can I have?  I need a little orange in my life.

Love the gray backgound of this one.
Trust is worth the drive.

They did have this bowl of cute little watercolors.  More along the size of my budget right now....just sayin.

I decided to really splurge......  It wasn't a throw down or anything but for $25.00 it was doable.

My masterpiece.
Took myself over to Target...not that I needed an excuse to go THERE.

Got a frame and of course the mats were ALL too big.  

Why......can't something just fit once and a while and be easy huh?

So I just painted a piece of cardboard with some leftover paint.  I know...crazy complicated DIY.

Good enough.
BAM.  Done.
The gallery wall is growing.  Hey...can you have 2 gallery walls in your house?  You know in separate rooms?  I am just asking.

And another thing....did you hear that Nate Berkus is doing a collection for Target?!?  Does anyone remember about 8 years ago when he did one for Linens and Things....that shit flew out of the stores.

Target Debuts Exclusive Home Collection from Nate Berkus

Target® Corp. (NYSE: TGT) today announced a new home collection with award-winning and renowned designer Nate Berkus. The Nate Berkus Collection, sold exclusively at Target, will debut in Target stores and at on Oct. 21, 2012. The new signature home collection will launch with items including bedding, bath, accessories, lighting, rugs and window treatments.

I bet this will make the Mossimo collection for Target 

seem like small potatoes.

Ya think?

That might have been the beginning of my "buying  just so no one else get's it" phase.

Enjoy the tiny weekend.

Sha Freaky


René said...

Oh I love that dress too! Might have to pin some of these for inspiration. Love your water color creation!

Happy Friday!

heather (love your space) said...

I have two gallery walls in my house--one in my office, one in the master bedroom--so neither in a main/public living space. Also they are pretty different in style--one is really colorful, mostly graphic posters/works on paper; the other is mostly black and white, a mix of photographs and other things, but all portraits/figures. It seems to work!

michele said...

loving what you did with that gorgeous watercolor. looks like a million bucks. i'm just sold on having original stuff whether i have to paint it myself or whatev.



Pura Vida said...

If I were homeless, I'd live at Target. Wow ShaBam...that artwork is really amazing! I mean really it looks amazing!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

bam! I love that little watercolor all framed up like that!

Anonymous said...

Your solution for framing the watercolor is terrific and I plan to copy that one.
About gallery walls - we have a 16foot wide gallery wall in our living room with original floral watercolors - and one in our family room with original snow scenes. We get huge compliments on both. We make the rules for our house and everyone else should do the same.

Kelly said...

Your artwork looks great framed like that! It doesn't look like you cut corners with it at all. I have heard that Nate Berkus designs are going to be sold at Target. I've also heard about some other new lines there. They must be revamping their inventory. I'm looking forward to it! Holly Mathis (from Holly Mathis Interiors blog) just did a post about another company that will be selling there. I really like it! Go check it out. I think it's called the Privet House.

Sherri Cassara said...

Good job on the framing. Be glad that your Target sells WHITE frames... can you believe mine does not any more - only black... hmmm. Super excited to see what Nate comes up with.
I have two gallery walls - one in my office and one in my hallway. You know my mantra - who cares about the rules - they are made to be broken anyway!
xo Sherri

Mary said...

Your water color is so pretty!!!!
Glad you did a white frame instead of black. Now you don't have to dust it. HA!
I'm interested to see what the folks say about 2 gallery walls. I have one in my kitchen & want to do a collection of plates in my dining room. But they would be in the same sight-line & both on the same south wall in my home. I haven't done it cuz I thought it would be too much.

busana muslim said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Unknown said...

Amazing artwork! Happy Friday! said...

I am so loving what you did with that watercolor. And one can never have too much art on the walls. I, myself, don't have NEARLY enough. I am always on the hunt. Have a great weekend!

lisaroy said...

perfect solution for your framing dilemma - looks great! And you can have as many gallery walls as you want! That wire art is pretty darn fab xo

Lisa Mowry said...

Love this post, needless to say...I'm always up for an adventure! (I wondered why my website analytics showed that 40 people had looked at my site today as of 3pm--it's because of you, girl.)

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Great photos and I love that wire art...AND your new artwork. Great job! xo Diana

Laurie said...

Dig it all. That art is definitely worth OTP. Have a rockin weekend!

Privet and Holly said...

Hey Girlie ~
Love that you
bought it
framed it
hung it!!!

I somehow get
grounded somewhere
in the middle....

Love Marietta!

Happy Weekend,
xo Suzanne

Lisa Gabrielson said...

That is a great gallery! The art you chose is beautiful and so cool with the French enamel numbers. I have a gallery wall in the office of clocks and European maps. In the dining room I did a massive frame housing smaller frames and mirrors. Go for the gusto!

A Toile Tale said...

Mr. Pressed Pants and I are going to an artwalk tonight in Roswell. Your post makes me think that we should go to Marietta instead. Oh long as we're in Roswell, since the artwalk is from 4-8, we'll have lots of good choices of places to eat! It sure won't be the Mexican place, since it is Cinco De Mayo and it will be slammed. Loving that twine dress, although I see it as a ballet costume.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Missi at Havoc-to-Heaven said...

I am OTP and have never been to this gallery ... another "to-do" to put on the list. You made that $25.00 watercolor look like a million bucks! So talented! Missi

Unknown said...

I love all the pieces!! Especially the gold dress!!!! Have a fab weekend!!

Karena said...

Sherry the Freda art is amazing I would love to have it!

Adore your new work of art, yes you can have as much art covering the walls in your home as you want!!

I have featured an Interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


Art by Karena

Kathysue said...

Hi Sherry! I think you may have as many gallery walls in your home as you like. Love the new piece and the way you matted and framed it!! happy weekend, Kathysue

Renae Moore said...

I NEED more art on my gunna go to the gallery and take a gander. Your mind thinks like mine...just get 'er dun...fixin' the frame and all!

Unknown said...

That's $25 well spent! And YES - I heard about the Nate for Target thing - I think on twitter - I thought maybe I dreamed it because no one else has said anything about it yet. That stuff is going to fly off those shelves!

Holly Gruszka said...

DK Gallery is where Lori posts about - isn't it? It looks like such a great place. And your new watercolor looks really nice on your wall. And yes, I think you can do as many gallery walls as you'd like but you know too many would be overload - you can find the right balance. And must put 10/21 on the calendar. And yes I'm sure the stuff will fly out of the stores. He's got mad style and I bet everything will be really great and classic too - not zig zag oh my gosh why did I buy this? HA! Hope you had a good weekend!

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

Wow that dress is insane! so cool! I hadn't heard about Nate and Target, but that makes me super happy, and scared that all the good stuff will always be gone!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I wish I had been there with you and Lisa. I would love to have one of those pieces in my dining really needs it. Love your new original piece. I did the same thing where I floated a piece of art in a larger frame and I actually like it better!

Annie Vincent Interiors said...

love the watercolor you did!

Burkus at Target?!?! You made my year....

Abby M. Interiors said...

Beautiful watercolor and a great solution. :-) I did something similar, but instead of painting paper I just bought colored cardstock.

I say yes to two gallery walls!

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