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I have to say thank you to all of your wonderful comments about my anniversary post.  18 years sounds so weak compared to my parents who were married 45 years...whoa.  But hey...one day at a time...I am 2 days into the 19th year!  9,853 days left.

This post is going to be a little "Sherry" style, all over the place.  This is how my brain works.  First up are something I saw on Cottage and Vine.  Rene ordered some business cards that I loved, so I had to "get me some"!!

I went to pixelimpress on etsy to see what was there and fell in love with these.....
Of course my signature color...blue...you love?  Pam did a wonderful job and they came so quick.

The next thing to talk about are these funny cards that I saw at the mart.
I know you have seen them but I actually laughed out loud to the amazement of a few people standing around.  They might have been happier if I had bought some :)
My personal favorite!
funny ha ha
Don't you love it!
and the last one....
I guess I will be quoting this next year.....rats.

OK...the next few pictures are from the mart.  Just random images that looked easy to do and just may give someone a small amount of inspiration!
OK...you could do this.  Get some old wood...and old sconce.  Do a rust treatment and mount it.  Send me a picture if you do!
Use a drop cloth.  Wash it and leave it wrinkled.  Make a lamp shade.
Got a sconce.....add some candles and a sea fan.  Easy peasy as they say in blogland!
Get some paint cans from Home Depot.  Spray paint shiny white.  Drizzle some color on it and use for a vase!!!

With the left over drop cloth from the lamp shade, make a pillow and stencil on the greek key.
Go to Goodwill and get old clothes.....or look in your own closet....take those jeans that you are NEVER gonna fit into again...and start cutting them up...make balls to go in a wire basket for some color!!!
Cute table scape....So go on people...get busy.

Last thing.  Many people emailed me about this fabric from a pillow on the last Scott's post.
Here it is....
Let me know if you want some.  Warning: it probably won't be cheap.

Whew...I think I stayed pretty organized seeing how much I had to say today. 
Have the best weekend ever.  I am hoping to catch up on my blog reading the next few days.  All of these great comments that I have been getting so I owe you all!!!


Abby M. Interiors said...

I love those cards. I've had the same ones for months and I get compliments on them every time I pass one out.

Thank you for sharing that fabric! I think I have the perfect client for that.

Karena said...

Sherry you have so many inspirational ideas! I love the business cards and the greetings really made me laugh!

That Maharani Fabric is amazing and of course I want some, will have to wait for now!


Art by Karena

Tammy@InStitches said...

Love the calling cards and the greeting cards ! The fabric is pretty great too.....

Jae said...

OMG, love the cards you s aw at walmart!
Ok, this post just added something to my DIY list: LOVE the paint can vases/containers. Are those glass?

Acquired Objects said...

Love your new business cards and the throw back cards are a hoot! Don't worry 60 is just a number of course I say that at 50....lol.

Krystal said...

LOVE your cards - I am going to have to get me some too! I also love the paint cans, how creative! They would also make for great storage in a kids room, jotting this idea down in my "someday" notebook. :)

Mary said...

I went back & looked at the wood sconce & noticed there's a heart carved into it. Cute.
And don't worry about turning 60. It's the new 50.
Speaking of oweing us...when will we see some pictures of your home with the new floors?

Holly Gruszka said...

First up - love your cards!
Secondly, I am also guilty of laughing out loud when reading those cards, notebooks, etc. I came across one that I got for a friend that I KNOW you would love..."You can't handle half of me..." :)

Unknown said...

I think my favorite card is "screw the budget" so apropos! Happy belated anniversary, what a great way to celebrate and the photo history was quintessential Sherry!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

I LOVE a funny card! Those were great. I wish I could stencil a Greek Key ---I am envisioning a drippy messy pillow. Could be artistic? No. There are talented people out there who could definitely do it.

Love your new business cards!

My Interior Life said...

I have some of those Pixie Limpress cards too. Love them!!

And your inspirations are perfect!

Renae Moore said...

Sherry...you crack me up Girl...love the posters! hehe
You up for Scott's the weekend of Aug 13th?

Jessie said...

Your business cards look fabulous and stylish! Oh, love that sprayed paint on that paint can idea! Most probably won't be doing it but it's inspirational. And I love that greek key pillow, too! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for entering my giveaway!


Marianne said...

First off, your new business cards are fabulous! Second, I'm laughing out loud over the cards and my dogs are looking at me like I'm a crazy lady! Have you ever looked at bluntcard.com. Hysterical, you must check it out. I know you'll love it!

under spanish moss said...

The cards so are funny...needed a laugh. The drop cloth stenciled pillows seem like a project we could tackle. Going to give it a try. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Angela and Renee

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Wow, that post was chock full of eye candy! I have to admit - the cards are hilarious! There wasn't an idea I didn't like!

Anonymous said...

love your business cards!!! and if you make them a little larger you could use them as cocktail coasters!!..ok, that didn't sound nice, but it was meant to be funny..go ahead and lol, please..
but I love your ideas for DIY..just may have to do the Greek Key pillow..great idea...
gorgeous fabric and love the vintage inspired cards..what classics..

Erika Ward said...

Cute cards, Sherry!! Thanks for the laughs from the greeting cards. I read this post from my phone and my hubby + I laughed about them the whole 20 minute car ride, lol.

René said...

OK great. So now I want a stump sconce :) Thanks Sherry. I think we have the same cards, but the way (great minds).

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

I love your square business cards! Great looking!


The Sister Sophisticate said...

Those cards are aaaawwwesome! I love your B-card too!

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