Guest post and a WINNER!

Like I said earlier...this was a short week and I am glad!  Today I am over at Vintique Object doing a guest post.  Camille is taking quite the vacation with her family this summer.  The subject was "Stylish Living with Kids and Pets", so head on over to see my thoughts!

Also, the winner of the giveaway is Gretchen Opgenorth from Gretchen O.  I met Gretchen at Scott's last month and she was recently on a segment of House Proud on the Nate Berkus show!  If you haven't been to her blog you need to go.
All this loot!

By the way it is Scott's this weekend...and I went yesterday and saw loads of cool stuff!  I actually bought a few things.  I know...I don't need anything but it wasn't much, I promise.

Oh and one more little thingy....I got a Keratin treatment on Sat so now my hair won't look like this when I step out into the Georgia humidity.  Although this is certainly a beautiful "do" for some reason it does not work on my head.......

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Melissa I. said...

Thanks for the Scott's reminder! I haven't kept up with their schedule - haven't been in years!

René said...

Congrats to Gretchen! By the way, I'm jealous that you got the keratin treatment. Keep me posted on how you like it. I only hear great things. Having a very "poodle" day here in NC :)

Happy weekend!

Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said...

Hilarious Sherry. I had a Keratin treatment last fall and I loved it. I haven't braved it yet for the Carolina summer but I should since that poodle and my head could be twins.
Happy Friday,

Interior Design Musings said...

I get them too and love not having to flat iron my hair!!! The first week after I get one, I can actually let mine air dry after a shower and it looks like I've flat ironed it! Talk about the best thing since AC for those of us in the south!!! M.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to the Gretchen and am happy for your keratin hair does the same thing..up it goes in a ponytail...or french twist...I steal pens all the time and twist them in my hair to keep it out of my way...don't mean to steal the pens exactly but they are handy if I don't have a hair tie...

Privet and Holly said...

Love that sweet
pooch!! I grew
up with a black
Standard and he
was just a love.
Congrats to Gretchen!
xx Suzanne

Gretchen O. said...

Shut the front door! Really? Thanks Sherry! I am so excited!!!

Hope you have a great weekend. I wanted to come to Scott's but it just isn't happenin:(

I have heard keratin treatments are awesome...enjoy the dew:)

An Urban Cottage said...

Hey, that's my grandmother's hair you're picking on.

Jessie said...

Congrats to the winner. Great tip about the seagrass rugs, Sherry! I often got confused between seagrass, jute and sisal. I thought they are almost the same because they all looked the same! :) Now, at least I know seagrass rug is the most durable rug of all.

By the way, you need to show us your new "do"! I am sure all your readers will agree with me! :)


Rashon Carraway said...

Those prints area amazing. Still.


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