Out and about in Atlanta

My husband is gone a lot on the weekends.  I think I have mentioned before he is a pilot for United Airlines.  So my friend Jan and I love to take off on a Saturday or Sunday and go look at "pretty" things.  Sometimes we go to Flea Markets and just walk the isles and other times we go to some really cool Furniture stores and talk about how we would redo a room with all of the yummy stuff we see.  A good cup of coffee and sometimes lunch is also a part of the day.
I took a few pictures along the way last week and thought I would give these stores a shout out.
The first one is Interior Philosophy on Roswell Road.  
So pretty with glass shelves and lights inside.
The always have lots of great pillows.
Plaster....pretty cool
Love this tray.  
I love the finish on this chest, not to mention the doors!
This is a great little table.
Another great chest with mercury glass pulls.
Love the colors in this art.  
Jessica and Mandy are veterans of the fashion and home furnishings industries.  Both worked as buyers for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York before relocating to Atlanta and Ballard Designs, where they were buyers for wall decor and accessories.  They opened Interior Philosophy in September of 2007. 

The next place we went was Savvy Snoot on Howell Mill.  It is a consignment store sprinkled with new stuff also.
Can I have this coffee table....please????????  Me likey.
This Chair.....

This would go with the new color of the year Pantone -Honeysuckle!
And these!
Throw this in also....
OK...not the pillow but love the green velvet.
Oh yeah...are you kidding me right now!  Love this.
Two end tables, dresser and a bed.  I would be happy with just these.
I took a close up of this lamp....love the finish.
Just another great chair.
You can go to their web site and see more pictures of really cool stuff! 
I need a store so I could have rooms to decorate.  Then I wouldn't want to keep re-designing my place!  Sounds like fun...but then there is the whole business aspect of it like making a profit and all.....That is the part I don't like :)

I will finally have a few Christmas decorating pictures of my house.  It has been kind of overcast lately so I was waiting for better light.  4 days until Christmas....4......one more time 4!!!!  Are you READY?????


Dwellings by DeVore said...

LOVE all these pieces! Very inspiring!

Elsie said...

I need so much of that stuff, Sherry. And, no, not ready!!

My Interior Life said...

Not sure I'm ready, but I'm getting there. Love all your finds as usual, but especially that coffee table, velvet green sofa and that lamp! Is it shagreen? I've actually been to that consignment store I think. Is it just down from Bungalow Classic?

Haven and Home said...

I love everything but especially the plaster pieces and the end tables. How fun you have a partner in crime!

Morgan @ PepperDesignBlog.com said...

I would love these stores near me! So inspiring...

alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

Hi Sherry - I love absolutely every thing you showed in this post - especially the coffee table and little side table with mirrors. What great finds.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Bargain Hoot said...


I LOVE that first piece so much!! I have the perfect place for it!!! Man I wish I lived near Atlanta again, you do have great shops!!

Thanks for visiting me...I'm a new follower :)


Okay, adding Interior Philosophy to the list now. (Could my list be any longer?)

Abby M. Interiors said...

The chest with the mercury pulls is my favorite. But really--I'll take it all!
Wishing you the best Christmas ever!!

René said...

"Just another great chair", music to my ears. I'm loving those white chairs with neutral fabrics. Great images Sherry!


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