And the winner is....

The winner of Decembers giveaway is Dharma.  Congratulations.......hopefully I will get this in the mail this week. time is over...on to why we are here :)  Here are the last two tables of my presentation.  What!?!? are tired of seeing table settings.  Too dang bad cause there were 4, you've seen two and now you are gonna see two more.  They do not have a holiday theme so you can take a break from Christmas just for brief moment.  Look people, I need a break cause I have been up to my eyeballs with Christmas decor [not mine of course] and I could use a breather.  Don't get me wrong [if any of my clients are reading this] I love doing it especially when I get there and they have the Christmas music  puts me in the creative mood :)

Here are the other two tables:
The first one is Sunday Supper with an Americana theme.

We started with burlap and then layered on an old flax grain sack.  Then the vintage flag.  We took aluminum cans to put in the wooden cart for some greenery.  Funny story about that.  I was looking in my pantry for a can to open and throw out.  I went to the back for something that was maybe out of date....Oh yeah...I found a few things ok maybe more than a few dated 2004!!!  Yup...that is how much I cook.  Got the blue mugs at Walmart.  You can't really see but we got these glasses at World Market and they had a chalkboard square on them.. we just put the napkins in there.  Believe it or not I had all these mismatched napkins from when I had a chili party once.
We started with these pewter cups I had but changed them out.  Just wanted to show you the yardstick ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby.  So cute huh?  I can't believe I don't have more pictures.  There was an event following us and we did not have time to take any.  It felt like a contest to see how fast we could break those tables down.  Oh well....such is life.
The next one was a Brunch.  We used all of my vintage cream ware and vintage silver.
Cream vintage tablecloth.  Then my sister made me those burlap place mats.  More on that later.  3 large pitchers in the middle and we used the small ones for the napkin and silverware.  Then placed a piece of rosemary in with it.
Got those cute little place card holders at World market.
Canning jars with sand, votive and twine wrapped around.  Dang we forgot to light the candles.  That's OK cause my hair was on fire we were working so fast so that was enough flame in one room.
I really can't believe I don't have better pictures.  Sometimes I am a dingbat.  But lets get back to those place mats.  Let me show you some more that my sister made.  She wants to sell them and I told her to go on Etsy to do that.  No she wants me to do it. I don't have enough to do.  Get in line girly........

 Here are the cream ones and then she has black and white.  These are not square like mine.

The black ones.  Cute huh?
Oh yeah...2 more things to say that I am off.....I have collected vintage sterling silver over the years.  None of it matches and I probably only paid $10-$12 dollars for each piece.  I love to set the table with it  [once a decade] when I entertain.  That could be a whole post so I should probably save this.  Think I will. Never mind.

And the last thing.....If you have read my blog back in June BH&G came to shoot my house.  Well, they finally told me it is going to run in the May issue.  That same month they are debuting an app for the IPAD [which I desperately want] where you can see more pictures of  homes in the mag me shop at Scott's!  Uh Huh....they are filming me on Thursday shopping and I will be giving away all of my secret's.  OH yeah "top secrets"......sacred.....stuff no one knows about.  Except 1/2 the population of the southeast!!!  OK.....I wish they had of given me time to hire an acting coach.  Seriously people I am a bit frazzled about this.  Maybe I could turn it into a SNL sketch.....and get a stand in.  And, at first they wanted me to wear the same outfit I wore for the photo shoot.  For real...that was June and this is December and we are having a really cold spell here in the ATL.  Capris and a white t shirt.  Nope.  Not gonna work for me.

I'll let you know how it goes....


My Interior Life said...

Once again, Sherry, you knocked it out of the park! Love your sister's placemats too. And mismatched silver is great. I need to start shopping for some.

I can't wait to see your BH&G spread - I'm sure it will be fabulous. And I'll eagerly await your Scott's shopping tips. I so wish I could go with you this week, it's just not in the cards.

René said...

Those place-mats have my wheels turning.

Congrats to Dharma!!


Dharma said...

Hey! I won! And I only had to sell my Love your sis' placemats! BTW - I will totally be your stand in for the shoot, cannot wait for the "secrets" you share! Thanks again. Love your stuff, Lady!

Blogged you!

Anonymous said...

I love these!

abby @ a delightful design said...

You have me in stitches! I'm am just cracking up!

Love the tables. I hope your sister gets an etsy store soon. Those placemats would sell like hotcakes!

You're going to be fabulous at Scotts!

Mimi said...

Ok, I'm going to Scott's just to see this- I'm going to walk by multiple times just to throw you.
Need a heckler?
Oh, and your tables...fabulous. Want those placemats by the way. Call Maggie!!

Sarah Bragg said...

That's exciting about BH&G! Love the tables!

Julie Holloway said...

amazing!!! You need to do a book about table settings. That robins' egg blue paint is my favorite. See you soon :)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Okay, they were all brilliant!! But, I love the brunch and ralph lauren tables. Simply gorgeous!

BH&G?? How awesome is that? I have a subscription to it so I will be waiting impatiently!! You will do great on the video!

Lou Cinda

Dharma said...

Hey there...just thinking do you need my address or have you been stalking me so long you know it by heart? Get it? Sherry HART? I kill me.

Privet and Holly said...

Congrats, sweetie!
BH&G: How cool is that?
Love your last two tables.
I wonder if burlap is
going to continue it's
run in popularity?
Have a wonderful weekend!
xx Suzanne

Karena said...

Yay great excitement!! Sherry I love to see your work!!

Do come and enter my Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!!

Art by Karena

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