Interview with Blogger......

Sherry:  Blogger, thanks for spending a few minutes chatting with me today.

Blogger:  Well, I am pretty busy, but I understand you have a few things to say and thought I could help you clear up a few issues.

Sherry:  Yes, as you know [you know everything, kind of like OZ in the Wizard of Oz], I am fairly new to this whole blogger gig and I have come to learn that it is freakin enormous!!!  I literally had NO idea what to expect.

Blogger:  Well, it has really gained in popularity in the last few years, the numbers are HUGE!

Sherry:  Right, so when I started, I figured it would be friends and family, because I really could not figure out how other people would know I was doing it. usual, I did not read up on how to do it.  I am really bad with directions, and after just getting the basics, I was all "OK...I can do this, I don't need to know anymore".

Blogger:  Well Sherry, I hope you have learned your lesson.  Your old enough to know better than that. 

Sherry:  Hey dude, we don't have to bring my age into this.  I already have a husband who tells me those very words ALL the time.  So back off buckwheat.

Blogger:  Simmer down there cowboy, can we get back to why I am here please?

Sherry:  Yes sorry, you just touched a nerve.  OK, what I wanted to say [and please do not roll your eyes] is that in the beginning when I would receive a comment on my email, I would hit reply to send  a follow up email to thank them.  I thought....

Blogger:  What?  Are you for real?  Did you not read that it said "no-reply"....

Sherry:  Hey, can I finish please?

Blogger:  Sure, this ought to be good [loud sigh]

Sherry:  Cut me some slack, I never got one back, so I thought it  was some crazy blogging phenomenon.  

Blogger:  Yea, well I am sure a lot of people thought you were SO rude by not answering their questions.

Sherry:  I get it MR. bad.  I feel really stupid that I did it for so long and did not figure it out sooner.

Blogger:  OK, enough wining, I have things to do so we need to wrap up this little party here.

Sherry:  Of course MR. IMPORTANT PERSON [said under my breath, "somebody needs to take you down a notch"].  That last thing I want to say is a HUGE thanks to all the people who have featured me on their blogs Emily from:    Rhoda from  Michelle from   Abby from  

Blogger:  You said it little lady!  Come on, interviews on blogs can be boring with out pictures.  Wrap it up.

Sherry:  OK OK.....I hear ya.  Thank to everyone for all of your comments and please know that there are replies  somewhere out there in cyberspace.  I WAS NOT IGNORING YOU.......if that is what you were thinking.

Blogger:  We're done here, this was painful. 

Sherry:  Bite me. 


Kathysue said...

Sherry this is great. Oh you are so right there is so much to learn in blogland and I am on the learning curve with you!!! Very cute way to get your message out there!! If you have a chance come by my blog today, I have a post up called Whats in a name. It has been really fun to ready why bloggers named their blogs what they did. Leave a comment and tell me why you named your blog design indulgence, if you have time and feel so inclined, Happy Saturday,Kathysue

Abby & Her Boys said...

Sherry, you are so funny! And I have to tell you that I thought we were the same age: 30ish. I was SHOCKED when your last post said you had a step-daughter in her 30's! You look so much younger!

I am so glad you joined the blogging world. I'm still learning every day, and I look forward to countless more posts from you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Haha, Sherry! Yes, there is SO much to learn your first year of blogging. I think I spent a ton of time looking up how to do something, the behind the scenes stuff of blogging. Thank goodness, I don't have to do as much of that anymore. Hang in there!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Cute post, Sherry!

It gets better with time, trust me!:-)

Happy Weekend!

decdiva1 said...

hi sherry, you are too funny! thanks for visiting cottage romance and for ur nice comment on my 70's lamp re-do! hope you come again soon!

decdiva1 said...

oops! i mean thanks for ur nice comment on my fleur di lis bookcase! sometime when i'm replying to comments, i get confused- i'm blonde like that;)!!! thanks!

Struggler said...

Wait, I'm sure I've received lots of emails directly in response to comments left. Tell you what, why don't you hit reply to this one and I promise to tell you if it arrives??

Emily A. Clark said...

Sherry, you're a hoot! I feel like I don't know what I'm doing either :) Now, I'm wondering if people get my replies. That's how I always respond to your comments. . . Hmmm.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is too funny. Yes, there is a lot to learn on here for sure. I do wish people would remove the no reply from their comments and then you can reply right back to them.

Privet and Holly said...

Sherry, you are going
to laugh: I didn't even
KNOW that you could reply
right back to them!!! I
have been trying to visit
those who visit me, but I
haven't been able to keep
up. HMMMM....! Thanks
for this post!
xx Suzanne

michelle said...

you are so funny sherry! i am learning too! i am new to this blog thing. i really did this so i could share things with my mother and i have seen some amazing things on blogland. i have no one leave me comments so i really don't have to reply..LOL i just enjoy looking at other people's blog's. thanks for sharing!

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