$5 and ten minutes for some cuteness!

I was in Goodwill the other day just cruising the isles when I spied a PAIR of lamps, which you hardly ever see.  And....they were a white/cream ginger jar style.  AND.....they were $5 each!!!  The base was a very rusted brass, but I knew it could be painted.  So [like I need ANOTHER pair of lamps],  I could not leave them in the store.  Which is WHY my basement looks the way it does.  Which is WHY my husband might kill me someday.
I  did not take a before picture, [haven't gotten this before/after/blog gig in order yet but I am working on it] but here is the after.  I unscrewed the bottom so the base would be easier to spray paint black.   I actually did find a spot for one of them in my guest room that I am slowing working on.
I wanted a number or letter on it, and I thought that would be easy to find.  HA.  Because I an SO impatient I  ended up going to Home Depot and got the vinyl numbers that you put on mailboxes.   I had to carefully cut it out [after butchering the first try with a small knife] but it actually worked.  I may change it to a better selection later.
 Here are the old apothecary bottles I picked up at the flea market a while back.
The shade was a Target purchase from years ago.  I bought at least 10 of them because they were such a great size and linen!

On another note, I was searching on Overstock for some rugs that had red in them and came up with these....

I am loving some red again....

This is the one I like the best
But this one was pretty cool also.

None of them were over 500.00, with the cheapest being 197.00.

And they would all look good with this image from Mrs. Blandings blog  How cute is this!!!

Have a great week!  


Chats with Jack said...

Hurray! So inspiring! I loooove the lamp.

Kathysue said...

I would have bought the lamps too!! I have a lamp addiciton. It is a standing joke in our family. My hubby tells our guest they may not leave unless they take a lamp. I have all of my extra's in closets, I could open a store, I swear I could!! Love what you did with you two treasures,Kathysue

A Perfect Gray said...

sweetheart. putting that number on the lamp base was a stroke of brilliance! goes perfectly with the apothecary jars. you rock, babe.

Leigha said...

I am with Donna, the number was genius!
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.
Leigha (your newest follower)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Love this! Looks awesome! I also love the peek at the architectural piece on the wall in the mirror....can't wait to see more!

Lou Cinda :)

Pauline Wiles said...

Lovely tablescape. The rugs are very fun, too.

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