I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures of the showhouse!

I just got back for my annual week in Nantucket visiting my neighbors....I am a lucky girl:)

But I do have some bad neighbors are moving.  Yup the ones who feed me 3 times a week.  It is not that far away but enough that I can't stumble home after a fun night of cooking and drinking.  Pretty bummed....they have lived next door for 25 years!

Change is so hard the older you get and this one will be really hard.

Back to my trip to Nantucket.....The weather was nice but on Sat it got really chilly and the winds were blowing 30 miles an hour....which made 50 degrees feel like 40!  Burr.....was not prepared!

So after being picked up at the airport....they wanted to go for a walk with the dogs on a "tick infested trail".

Now if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know about my tick bite...getting sick and now my PTSD when I even hear the word "tick"

I sprayed myself silly with Off....covered myself up the best I could and reminded them of the last time they pressured me into going for a hike down in Madison Georgia where I got the bite.

After we came back I was removing my gear and found a tick crawling on the carpet so fast it was like he had 20 legs.  Major freakout occurred and I went screaming into the kitchen!  I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and went at the carpet and got it!  After that... every little tickle freaked me out.

I had so many good meals while there....this one was a standout!

Watched this movie one night....I am a sucker for documentaries and this one did not disappoint!

Her peonies were blooming so I foraged her yard and came up with little arrangement.

Had a wonderful meal at Ships Inn.  They made me a basil martini...which is my new favorite!

Her husband has taken up a new sport....and it does not look easy but I imagine it is pretty damn good for your core!

This little girl definitely rules the house....I mean there a countless areas set up around the house for her pleasure.

This house was being built last year and is now finished....I love the 2 benches on the front porch....
as you can see clearly in the below picture.

It is almost mandatory to post a picture of this home.  I believe it was formerly Tommy Hilfiger's home...maybe it still is...not really sure but it is pretty amazing.  All of the houses have to be cedar shakes [unless grandfathered in with clapboard]
And...there are only approved colors for shutters and front doors!

This new fountain is not finished yet...[the base gets buried ] but it will be a nice addition to an already beautiful landscape!

And you might wonder about why I am posting this picture.  Normally when I go the last leg of my trip from Boston to Nantucket it is on Cape Air which is one of those very small planes...with a prop....and one pilot....and only 8 seats.


So on my way back to small plane but this big beautiful jet and I felt blessed.

Now home to work and finish up some projects!  Such a bummer that my blog post are not sent out any more....I feel like Blogger should figure something out for us holdouts still on their platform!

Hope you guys are having a nice Sunday....



Robin said...

So very glad you keep blogging, because I love reading your posts!!

SusieQ58 said...

I made the Chicken chili recipe you posted last night, it was amazing! Thanks for the tip!

barbara said...

Beautiful photos glad you have the opportunity to take this trip each year.

Anonymous said...

I'm upset that your neighbors are moving because from what you've posted they seem like the perfect neighbors/friends to have. Their kindness to you has been a blessing!

Your blog is still one of y favorites (as well as Instagram) and I hope you will continue to blog along.

The Lady

Deborah said...

I still come to check up on you. So sorry about the neighbors they seem perfect.

Dian Owens said...

Sherry, yours was one of the first blogs I followed and you're still my favorite. If you quit, I'll cry! Facebook and Instagram are just not as intimate.

Jo said...

Amazing blog! I got here by accident, but I will definitely look!

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