Y'all  I get so frustrated with stuff.....I feel like I am fairly patient except when it comes to opening packages. level goes from 0....being a 10....acting like a six year old opening birthday presents.  More times than I like to admit I will rip something and then damage the article that was wrapped up.  UGH.....

I did just that the other day after ordering a piece of art from Etsy.  Ripped it.  Yup....but that sucker was wrapped up like it had the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken in it....meaning I struggled for like 10 minutes.  

Now I can't even look at it....just sitting there on the DR table glaring at me.


So I have been pretty busy putting together a whole house for a client.....who I have to say is pretty amazing.

Having sold their family home they are downsizing to a smaller home.  AND.....guess what???? 

She likes color. 

So I am having to dust off my "color ability" which has been pretty dormant lately....haha.  

And I have to admit it has been fun!

3 kids and 3 bedrooms.

I am almost finished....still have the FR and a loft left....

I have always loved these colors together.....for her room....she said think not as bold....more New York apartment.  So excited to see it come together.

Next up is the son's room.  He already has a bed so we are gonna just zhush it up!  New lighting and wallpaper!

The last girls room is "pretty in pink"....She had the existing art and already has a cool bed!

Since the master bedroom is much smaller than the old one we are starting over except for using the amazing MCM dresser!

I did go neutral in this space but we will kick it with some art!

If you are thinking that I had fun putting these together then you are a winner cause I sure did!

I still need rugs and curtains but damn y'all this is the fun part....haha

Sunday night when I was trying to sleep [which ended up only being 4 hours] my left leg was killing me.  Kind of like restless leg but I felt it was more of a nerve issue.  It stayed with me all day Monday and last night I finally took some Advil.  

Having had sciatic once before I know that Advil has about  as much affect on a nerve issue... as praying for my house to clean itself.  Not gonna happen.  And it didn't but I was so tired I fell asleep early and this morning I feel pretty good!

Which leads me to say I need to wrap this up so I can go workout.  Today is lower body which is so much harder than upper but you do burn more calories so thats a plus right!



Caroline said...

I love your posts Sherry. They always bring a smile to my face. :-)

Unknown said...

Where did you get the bed for Georgia’s bedroom? I’m looking for one like that.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing pic of completed rooms. I have absolutely no vision when I see a collection of small pieces like that. They look interesting but bring forth anxiety for me. I guess that’s why I’m not a decorator and you are ;)

Random thoughts, ideas and suggestions from an ADD (self-diagnosed) 50 something mom of teenage girls said...

What is the palm frond fixture? A fan or light and where is it from?

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