Well....thanks for the love y'all.  I don't plan on quitting....unless I get so old there are like 3 people left reading haha.  Seriously though I really do still enjoy it!

Today....just a little this and that!  

Update on my knee.  It's been 2 weeks and it's getting better which I am so relieved about.  I walked with my neighbor last night a couple of miles and it was good.  It still hurts a little going down and up stairs.

I have also been busy cleaning out and giving my office a small makeover. much stuff accumulated. 

Last weekend I went over to Sudi's with my friend Rose [she is helping to decorate her new condo].
It's looking really good!

She had this chair recovered and I adore the shape and the boucle fabric!  

And Rose's husband installed this bedroom light for her....Circa Lighting

We lifted the bed and between all of us managed to lay down her rug!

 The bedroom is coming along and will be beautiful!

I finally went to the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Holiday Showhouse before it closed.  

This porch was all black and white goodness!

What about all of this ceiling detail?  

New artist alert!  Caleb Mahoney which can be found in Atlanta at Greg Irby Gallery

This room by Courtney Giles was a fav.  Blue and camel are 2 of my favorite colors to use together!

Layer up people!

I posted these on Instagram but they are a few of my favorite lamps that I see occasionally at Homegoods.

And I bought this selection of wrapping paper for the farm!

I had this whole fashion post started but I didn't finish it so I am going to share the crux of it with you:)

I am sure you have noticed that white boots are trending!  I put together some for you to check out!


I got mine over Thanksgiving from Nordstroms [All Saints] where they were 30% off and I had a gift certificate to use.  I would not normally spend this much:)

But....I do like how they look!

Here are a few other looks lately from my #OOTD on Instagram stories!

Guess what!  One of my favorite designers Eileen Fisher sent me some clothes [after seeing me wear so many of them]!  I about died because I love her classic looks! In the first picture...the sweater [can't find on the website anymore] and scarf!  The above coat which is amazing!

Again with the scarf and the gray "high low" sweater.

The small crossbody black bag!  

Can you even?  I have bought her things over the years but always on sale!  I gotta tell you though I still wear them today!

So that's it people!  

16 days until Christmas....I am trying to get in the's a bit of a struggle for me.....



barbara said...

You know you are fancy when a designer sends you clothes!!!!
Glad your knee is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog❤️ Always see something that inspires me. Your sense of humor never fails to bring a chuckle. Love Eileen Fisher line especially when I can purchase at reduced price! I have paid full price a few times because XS sizes sell out so fast. Love her shoes, booties, belts, bags and scarves as well! I laugh when I read that her style is a man repellent... I don’t want that kind of man 😊 I do wish Eileen would stay out of politics tho!

Stephanie said...

Please, please keep the blog going! There aren’t very many good ones left. Your posts are the perfect length for a short read. Love it. Also, you look adorable in the oversized frames!

debra @ 5th and state said...


and you darlin' look so cute/stylin'. when I first saw the boots, my mind immediately went to 1960's Go Go boots, yikes, cannot do it but looking good on you

rake care luv of you

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry, I haven't commented in a bit, but I love your blog and it's the bright part of my inbox. You have the best taste and your OOTD are always great! I love how you style things! What a gorgeous EF coat!

I saw those lamps at HG too.. Some good finds there! Hang in there. I feel the same about the holidays now. Hopefully with this vaccine being given this month to people, we have some hope on the horizon. Hugs, Kim

Linda Henderson said...

Looking good in the boots and coats

Dian Owens said...

I too love the blue and camel color combination! A blue/camel rug to top off my woven seagrass rug is now on the radar!

Unknown said...

Love the look of the layering of rugs...but (sorry) as an Occupational Therapist I gotta say ....that can be a HUGE fall risk. Number one change I make when doing home safety assessments. Granted, I work with, ahem, senior citizens! Anyhoooo, LOVE your blog so don't even consider stopping. Also love EF and have a wonderful customer service story with them. They replaced a pair of suede booties after mine were ruined in a suitcase mishap (fluid leak). Great clothes and great company! Hope you find some holiday cheer to end this ridiculous year!

Karen said...

I love the blue rug on top of the sisal (?). And the white books look great, makes me want to shop for me! [stay focused-Christmas is nearly here] Haha.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Unknown said...

Sherry, please, do not stop blogging. You are a rockstar when it comes to decorating and I absolutely love when you have the OOTD looks. I have copied you many times:) I appreciate all the time and effort it takes for you to put out each post.

Unknown said...

Your wasband is a tool. You however are a design goddess. Rock on with your bad self.

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