Every time we get to Friday I am amazed at how fast time moves!  Part of the problem lately is that I want time to hurry so we can leave this pandemic behind.  I want things to be back to normal.....but I know we have a long haul for that.

Time just moves at it's own pace no matter what I want:)

Thanks for the feedback on my sisters kitchen.  I tweaked it a little.....Just by adding the sconces on either side of the hood!

Also the possible countertops are a quartzite and a quartz that resembles soapstone.  I need to see the stone in person because I want to make sure that there is no green in it.  And....depending on price I may take the countertop up as the backsplash....I am all over the place on this one.....can you tell?

Also answering a few questions....most of the Christmas decor for the farm came from Homegoods.  I just went in there and filled up a cart!

Today just a little update for you on a project I have been working on for 2 years!

Here is the before....I have showed you some of these before.....but now you get to see the finished product!

This belonged to her Mom.  It's an incredible piece and would fit perfectly in her living room....but of course it needed a little makeover.

I went down to the place to pick the colors....which was scary because it was not cheap to have this done and I could not make any mistakes.  #pressure

When I got there it looked great but just needed a little patine so we decided on a chocolate glaze with a little silver rubbed onto the trim....

I was breathed a sigh of relief when it was delivered......

I  just stuck a picture in there:)

I think it makes the room!!

The fun part is accessorizing!

In the same house we also found a rug for a small bathroom...

A pretty kitchen runner....

And hung a mirror in the master bedroom entry!

Since I know you guys will ask...the colors we used were BM  Ice Formations and Van Courtland Blue.

21 days until Christmas.....who feels less stressed than they have in previous years?  I parties....and no deadlines since no one I know is having any festivities!

I guess all of my holiday outfits will have to wait until next year:)

Y'all have a great weekend and if I don't say it enough thanks for reading and staying with me......I realize that blogging is kind of "so 2015" but I guess I didn't get the memo...haha.



Anonymous said...

Certainly happy you didn't get the memo!! Your blog is always interesting and fun. Keep up the good work.

Pat Vogel said...

Very much look forward to your blog posts hitting my email box every week! Great design content, product sourcing, fashion/OOTD, lots of humor...sometimes some sadness (real life). You are a gem!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

AnneHH said...

I LOVED blogs and miss them so much! Don't know why they were a flash in the pan since I know they promoted so many careers like Brooke Gianetti and Lauren Liess. However, I suspect that they take a lot of work and don't give that much of a financial return! Which means that we love you and are even more grateful to you for still taking the time to blog. In case I haven't said it enough, seeing a blog post from you in my email always makes me SO HAPPY. xo

Su-z said...

Love the room with the large credenza/cabinet. Just the right amount of blue and a gorgeous hue!

I so appreciate your blogging! I enjoy it more than Instagram and wish more people still blogged. Guess I’m old school.

Dian Owens said...

Your blog is the creative inspiration I enjoy so much. Thank you for sharing your sources so freely. I appreciate the extra effort a blog requires. (Instagram is not my cup of tea.) I've pared down the blogs I follow to a handful. Yours is at the tip-top of my list!

Now I have a question about how the tall cabinet stands away from the wall. Do you ever have the baseboard or quarter round removed to allow the cabinet to stand flush to the wall?

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! So kind of you to share with us! Thank you so so much!

Bobbie said...

Merry Christmas and it's got to be a Happy New Year! Found your blog and find it a favorite.I am inspired to paint a cabinet that has much detail woodwork on it and the paint colors with the silver should look FAB. Thanks for your blogging!

Myla said...

PLEASE don't quit blogging. I enjoy each and every one, and look forward to them. Thanks so much for sharing your life and your talent with us.

Sharon said...

I love Tuesdays and Fridays because of your blog posts! Know that I am grateful for the time you spend writing and updating us.

Take good cafe,

Susan Tucker said...

We could NEVER leave you Sharista!!!! I sooo look forward to your posts!!

The Cab redo is insane!!! Kudos!!

Thank YOU for staying with US!

Alysa said...

Don't give up the ship!... we appreciate your posts and the time and effort you put into them.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to put in my two cents about your blog. THANK YOU! I look forward to seeing what you post about. It's my morning ritual to drink coffee and read the blogs and yours is my favorite.

R. Hier said...

Sherry - love you blog so very much! Long time follower here who always loves to see what you are up to. Love your style and you most of all!

Gail Storti said...

Ditto all of the comments about you and your blog. I still get excited when I see DI in my in box. I have 2 favorite blogs and yours is one of them, so please keep blogging, your style and content are impeccable.

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