I was down in Bluffton for my nephews engagement party last weekend and I was sitting on the couch with my sister on Saturday......she looked at me and said did you post yesterday [Friday]?  I looked at her....and I cocked my head...."uh no....I completely forgot"

Yikes.  I think my brain just got so relaxed all bets are off when it came to any responsibility.  The first night we were there I slept 12 hours.

But....nothing like spending time with family right?

I have some installs coming up so I have been in a "pillow fog" trying to decide which direction to go.

I never like to go with my first inclination....because it is usually predictable.

That is the case with this space at Madison.  We ordered a new sectional for the TV room and we are working with a very colorful rug.

So if you are thinking of pillows with red and blue in them then just wipe that slate clean.  

Nope.  There is already enough color in the rug so we don't need any more.

I will go with neutrals....adding texture.  After a massive search for the coffee table and a console under the TV.....I have a few more things to secure before I go down there to install!

But while I was pillow searching I thought I would share some of my finds with you.  I can be generous like that:)

I put some combinations together....I repeated some just to show you that how to use a single pillow in a couple of combinations.  I know....it's not rocket science!

Here are a few that I am considering for the sectional....I might throw in a blue one:)

Alrighty then....off to workout....walk Camilita and meet the kitchen designer for my sisters kitchen.....so she can stop bugging me....haha.  She did not like that I threw her under the bus last week!



sydney85 said...

Can you give information about the colorful rug? The room is coming together very nicely.

CJX2 said...

I too am interested in the rug. Currently looking for one just like it for dining room. Any info on where/who to purchase?
Also, regarding pillows I like the fifth choice of pillows.

Sheila said...

Wow, that sectional is a lot of real estate. Can't wait to see how you style it out with pillows, throws.....maybe Cami?

La Contessa said...

GOOD for YOU you slept 12 hours!
Fridays tend to be a SLOW day for blog posts anyway as people are into the weekend.........than again EVERY DAY is the SAME FOR ME NOW!
I GOT HACKED ON INSTAGRAM if you follow me and I think you do.......you may want to READ MY BLOG POST THIS WEEK!

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