All this week Rose and I have been putting together our tables for ADAC's To Live and Dine.  Normally it's a huge dinner for charity but well.....Covid affects everything right!

They invite 10-12 designers to set a table.  Since it was not going to be a dinner..... we opted to do a table of 4 [instead of 10].  I am always thinking of doing less work:)

We had 3 days to set up and we used every minute of those 3 days.  I have never been one of those designers who can plan the whole thing out....install and be done!  To me....the fun part is putting it together and watching it evolve.

At first we were all over the place but then we just decided to keep it simple and do cream and white with touches of camel and green.  I mean....gotta stay true to our roots right!

We found the table at Englishmens....that was our starting point.  Then we decided to use some old chairs of mine that have been painted at least 5 times:)  When you are going for neutrals....texture is everything. Thanks to Rose as she sprayed all 4 of them.  She said her finger is still numb.

The rug came from Designer Carpets...and it is amazing.  How perfect did it go with our plan!

Below is the fabric that we selected from Fabricut....it's a new one and fit the bill perfectly...

Thanks to Sudi:)

Detail shots.....

Curtains from Pottery Barn and we ordered the rod from Fabricut.

I have 12 place settings of all different sterling silver that I bought at Scott's 15 years ago!

Placemats from Homegoods and the plates from World Market.  The wooden bowls were mine.

I found the napkin rings on Etsy and the vintage white linen napkins were mine.

We were struggling with the centerpiece  at first and then I remembered I had this old hotel silver pitcher which was the perfect vessel for the maidenhair fern.

The gold rimmed glasses were my sisters....

The amber jar was mine and I picked it up from Scott's years ago.

These gorgeous books are from Rose....I would like to steal them....

And here is a thousand pictures of a 8 x 8 space....haha 

The art work is vintage and came from Up Country Home at ADAC.  The acrylic table came from Travis and Co at ADAC.

In the image below we picked up the hide cube from Madegoods.

So you see how layered it is.....it's the last group of accessories that makes the difference in design....in my opinion:)

Funny story....the first day we were [and I say we but it was Rose because I can't hang curtains] trying to get those curtains hung and it was a disaster.  The drywall was so old and thin that even with a molly....they fell and a butterfly...they still wouldn't stay up.....we were beat and defeated.  As we left that day all we had was a table and chairs.  I am sure everyone else was thinking....rookies!

We had to call in a professional. We may never get that rod down now....haha

Of course on the reveal day we both had to dress to match the space!

These shoes were my purchase from the Nordstroms Anniversary sale....I stalked these suckers because I had to wait for my level [just a credit card] to actually be able to purchase them.....grrrr

Rose was the best partner EVER.....I was so busy this week with all kinds of deadlines and she did much more than I did.  Love you girl.....




Gigi said...

Can you please tell me more about that rug! I love it.

Leslie said...

You did a great job....love. Etsy napkin rings link, when you have a moment? Thank you.

wendy said...

loved the area, would love the look in my home!

Anonymous said...

How creative are you two to use drapes/curtains + artwork to create atmosphere on a boring space of drywall ❤️ I look forward to your blogposts on Tuesdays & Fridays and never disappoints! Thank you and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Unknown said...

So lovely!

debra @ 5th and state said...

To my favorite duo, gorgeous, creative, killer color combo, ......and besides beings fashionable, congrats!

I need to try and get there & steal those books before you do! luv you two powerhouse talents

Linda Henderson said...

Your table is a winner. Sounds like a fun project. I enjoyed reading and seeing it from start to finish.

AnneHH said...

Your neutrals made a winning combination on these beautiful tablescape! Love everything about this vignette!

Beth said...

Beautiful! I have to say that amber glass is one of my favorite things - the color adds so much. So glad you included it in your wonderful setting. Great job!

Dian Owens said...

The last group of accessories indeed made the difference in the design! You nailed it Rose and Sherry!

Ginger said...

Love your space! I almost died when I saw the top photo of the sterling! Towle Louis XIV - my great grandmother’s pattern and so hard to find! Great job!

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