Y'all are in for a treat today.....well maybe.....that is if you like fashion!

I am joining 7 other bloggers to share our choices for spring fashion!  We have all been working tirelessly to curate your wardrobe for these next few months.  

Now.... in Atlanta.....planning when to start that transition can be dicey.  You will be waiting for the right time and all of the sudden it's 90 degrees and we are deep into summer temps!

So much for those cute jackets and sweaters.....

If you know me then you know I am pretty casual.  I stick to jeans....black, white and denim.  I will mix and match the s*#t out of those.  It is basics for me....I am NOT an athleisure wearing kind of gal.

Anyway let's get started before I start blabbing on about my life and this blog goes off the rails.....

I don't wear a lot of skirts but if it's long enough and with booties...I can get on board

I was having a head shot one day and the photographer told me that a structured shirt would make my shoulders look better....than a t-shirt.
This black shirt is so versatile [see image below]....especially with a half tuck....to give it that more casual affect.

I just thought I would show you how you could change up the look by switching out the jeans and shoes.....

The color palette below is a favorite.....and no one loves a long....duster....sweater more than me!
This is an outfit that will be in style forever.

If you don't have a stripe t-shirt then run out and get one....it is another great spring piece that is a classic.

Do you see a repetitive theme with my outfits? Yup.....a lot of black and white:)

Here is yet another way to wear white jeans......


And....here is the non-black and white outfit.....if you watch my instastories OOTD then you know I am in jeans 75% of the time.  Add a cream sweater and animal print scarf and that is all you need....don't over think it!

Look....if you keep it simple then you won't struggle every morning with what to wear.....it will all go together in different ways.  It's not rocket science!

So now you can join all of these other bloggers and steal their outfits!

I wish I had some images of me in outfits to show you....but since there is no one around here on a regular basis to take  pics.... that just couldn't happen.  If you want to see what I am wearing on a daily basis.... go to Instagram and click on my stories labeled OOTD!

I will be curious to hear your thoughts!  Most of my fashion came from Banana Republic and I always wait until they have 40% off before I shop there!

I am sliding under the radar as we had to get out post out by 9:00.....Have a great Day!



Hucy said...

I LOVE your fashion posts, I am 35 but I want to dress exactly like you- very classic but still current and not boring at all. Thanks for letting us study some of your combos!

cindy hattersley design said...

I love your style Sherry you are my style icon!! I love anything with leopard. I can't wear anything with a heel and I can't get on the stripe train. I love them on others just not me!!
Thanks so much for joining us..you always make it fun!!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I would wear every single outfit and feel great! Love your style, Sherry! I'll keep watching your stories...but you definitely could have shown some of those shots here :)
Mary Ann

Kay said...

I love all the looks you've put together here. I'm really into neutrals this spring myself. Thanks so much for teaming up with me today. I hope you have a lovely day!

Gail said...

Your style is my style, I’d wear all of the things you shared. I follow your Instagram stories outfits and you always look fabulous whether your casual or dressy. Another thing I love is your great collection of jewelry pieces, they sure can make an outfit sing! I love that blazers are back, I have quite a few I’ve saved over the years and am starting to wear them again. Thanks for all the inspiration, you really are a style maven.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love your style for home and for fashion! Similar in a way! Keeping it simple with neutrals and denim is so smart. I think I wear jeans about 95% of the time and am so thankful denim is almost always acceptable!

debbie said...

Thanks for sharing, love your style and always look forward to your instagram pics, keep em’ comin😊

Melissa said...

Being over 50 (68 to be exact), i love seeing what you wear. I have to admit, i made an online trip to Banana today, and a few great things are in my future, thanks to you.

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