I knew some of you would ask for tips on getting the finishes from the faux painter......and I wish I could help you out on that.  Unfortunately he won't divulge his secrets.....since that is his trade.  I know you get it:)

My advice is to research it on know you can find anything if you give it a little effort!

If you have been following me on Instagram then you know I have been posting my #outfitoftheday and it's been fun getting y'alls comments!  Here is the first love before design was always fashion....and when I look at what I wear it kind of reminds me of my design style.  Tailored....not fussy and fairly neutral.

The last few days I have been working on a fashion post for you.  I have tried to stick to basics.....things that can be used over and over again with adding maybe one new thing or 2.

So we start with white jeans....which are now definitely a staple in most wardrobes!

I gave you 2 options for shoes....if I wore this all day I would opt for the sneakers but maybe for a client meeting I would throw on the red mules!  I always like to have a canvas bag to carry samples and such in.

The other day I posted how I wore these camo pants on Instagram.  I got them at the Gap and they are really comfy!

I love throwing in a little pink....the thought being it adds a feminine touch to this look!

Back to white jeans again but with a different twist!  And Lord I love a denim shirt....for just about any occasion!  

This whole outfit started with the belt!  I love it:)


Last up is almost a uniform for me....and perfect for a day like today in Atlanta.....rain!  I gave you a choice with the shoes because I thought these plaid booties were so cute!  And the fact that they are black and white....well all the better.

I bet if you look in your closet you have most of these things and that makes it easy to update like I said with a couple of new things....

Just a few words about yesterday.  It was the longest day ever.....11 hours.  I have lot's of thoughts about it and will write more when I am not so emotionally drained. 

But today is a new day and I am off to workout so I can feel better about me....then an incredibly busy day at work so I can keep my mind occupied.



Anonymous said...

A big viral hug to you for what you had to endure yesterday. I can't even imagine having to deal with 11 hours of "negotiations", just keep moving forward.

debra @ 5th and state said...

loved your outfit for yesterday, and adore these suggestions....stylin is styling!

11 hours is painful, onwards and upwards

Diane Amick said...

Your fashion choices are stylish, fun and comfortable. Kudos! Hang in there girl...time does heal most wounds. Your determination and work ethic can keep you moving forward. We’re on your team.

Anonymous said...

11 hours! Ugh. Sending you tons of love and positivity and support.

Anonymous said...

I pray for you every day

Su-z said...

Glad you made it through Monday!
Amy Howard sells products and has videos on finishes that may work for some readers interested in decorative finishes. Of course the biggest secret is that it takes lots of practice to make it look professional!

Theresa said...

Sherry, can you give me the name of that gorgeous Schumacher wallpaper from the prior post? I tried googling it, but couldn't find it. Thank you!

Patty M said...

THOUGHT ABOUT YOU ALL DAY MONDAY!! So glad that day is behind you!! Fill your week with work, Cami, and a few things that make you smile.

We love you, support you, and are with you on this journey. Hugs to you friend!

Anonymous said...

Our hands...and love... have your back. While you may feel alone YOU ARE NOT!!!! Love ya;)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you on Monday.

Ellene said...

I love your fashion post too!! And you are the best designer ever. Sending thoughts of lots of happiness coming your way!!

TnRvaGrl (Susan) said...


You are such strong woman. We love and admire you. Thank you for sharing your many gifts, including making us smile or laugh at such a tumultuous time in your life.
Take the time to grieve so you can move on. Hopefully the unknowns are out of the way and you can start healing and move on.
We are ALL here for you.. Put me on speed dial. XOXO

Gail Storti said...

I love your “outfit of the day” posts on Instagram. You always look so fashionable and chic even when you’re casually dressed. I can tell you are just as passionate with fashion as you are with interior design. Loved all the outfits you pulled together and found several things to add to my wish list. Glad Monday is in your past and you’re back on track, keeping busy with what you do best. You give us all inspiration on strength and graciousness with a sense of humor. You are a warrior, Sherry.

Myla said...

Sherry, I LOVE your style, both in clothing and interiors. Pure talent. I notice your necklaces with many of your outfits. Can you tell me where they are from or what brand? They are the perfect final touch!

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