I am beyond humbled by the support in your comments.  You can't imagine how much they all meant to me.  I will share soon but right now it is just too raw to put out there and I don't trust myself not to over share.

There is comfort knowing that people care....especially in a world where there is bullying and meanness all over the internet.

As promised here are some before and afters of the Boulder flip.  This project took 6 months to complete as some rooms were reconfigured.

Today it's all about the laundry room which is pretty epic if you have a small space like I do in my home.

As per blogger regulations....we start with  before:)

You can see it was already a nice large space!

Some of these were taken from the listing as I had to leave and I only had my iPhone with me anyway!

We decided to add the utility station where you can was a dog, or kid :).....or bike shoes.....

I think the floor tile came from Floor and Decor and the overhead lights came from Rejuvenation.  The rugs is old from Target outdoor collection and after extensive searches everywhere we found the folding table at Ikea.  It was a pub table but we cut the legs down!  A deal at 149.00 [or something like that].

When they renovate a house they always put in new W&D and appliances.  The shelving brackets are custom and the shelves are butcher block from Ikea.

Here is a close up of that folding table!!  It already had that black detail on the braces.

I believe that bench came from Overstock a few flips ago.  Of course the accessories on the shelves came from Homegoods.

Just a progress pic....

We also found that shelf unit at Homegoods....

Here is the before of the other direction.  The room on the right had been staged as a bedroom but there was no closet so we staged it as an office.

This Schumacher wallpaper added so much to the space....again we just put it on the one wall.

The Currey and Co rope sconces just looked so cute.  Giddy up.

Just for context....the whole wall opposite the W&D.

And real estate pic of the room set up as a bedroom.

These are the listing pictures as I just could not get good shots of this room!
Desk, rug, and art from Overstock.  Office chair from World Market

I covered this cheap little sofa with a skin and picked up the spice colored pillow at Target.

Got the small table at Pier One and the floor lamp at Ikea.  The 3 architectural ladders over the sofa came from At Home.

So there you have it.  Working with what we already had....adding a few new items....but trying to show people without vision.... how cute a house could look right?

There is more....but right now my brain is working at 50% sister has been staying with me and I just can't imagine not having family at difficult times.  Thanks Mom for having 4 kids.....

Love you guys....



tanyaj said...

thinking of you and sending you strength

Chris said...

Thank God for sisters ( I have one of my own who got me through a dark time) Stay strong...and let yourself feel sad when you need to.

karen said...

Happy you appreciate family. I lost my older only sibling at 39 , now I am single handedly taking care of my mom. Made that word up!

Thinking of you though I don't know what has happened and don't need to in order to send you the love.

Jill said...

Thinking of you!

Nina J said...

Couldn’t wait to see more of this reveal and you NEVER disappoint. Outstanding as always. From your occasional fashion posts, ORC projects, flips, canine updates and everything in between, you are always spot-on and always a fave. May the hugs of your family and friends, virtual or otherwise, and your fabulous sense of humor carry you through the tougher days. You’ve got this! You always do.

Ashley said...

Lots of love and prayers <3 So happy that your sister can be there with you.

Anonymous said...

Reaffirming the support being sent your way from your ardent fans. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! So thrilled to see this latest transformation in Boulder. Very, very inspiring! Bet it sells super fast and can't wait to see any other photos you can share of the transformed house.

In the meantime, YOU GOT THIS!! Please feel the love and respect being sent your way during this difficult time.


Dian Owens said...

Love your work Sherry! Prayers lifted for you, in this difficult time!

barbara said...

Really cool laundry's the size of a kitchen!

All the best to you Sherry. You seem like a strong person but don't expect yourself to have to be strong all the time. Glad your Sis is there with you.

Bx Gardener said...

I don't usually comment but I love this blog. I am also in the Atlanta area so I always love when you share your finds. Sending you peace and hugs and strength!

Pamela in Portland said...

Thinking of you and sending you strength and good energy. Pamela from Portland

Anonymous said...

Sending you peace.
Sending you hope.
Sending you prayers.
Cheryl in Canada

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts! You are so talented and I love your sense of humor. I work in healthcare with people who are very sick and I know that being around people that love and "get you" is so important. We love you Sherry and I am thankful your sister is with you now. I hope you can truly feel the love coming from all your fans!! xoxo Missy

Anonymous said...

Long-time reader as I love your sense of humor and style. Sending love and happiness prayers to you and your family.

Kellie Brady said...

Much love and peace to you. I agree with the sister thing - thank god for them in good times and in bad (kinda like a spouse??). I hope you are deep breathing through out your situation and taking care of yourself. Most of us in reader land have been through "stuff" and know you will get any and all support you need - spoken or unspoken. I live in your area - let me know if you need some outside of the family sista love!

Feel better,

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