If you watch my stories then you saw I went to a fashion show and saw the Lafayette148 Collection.  I went with a friend of mine and at first she said....she thought that their clothes were matronly to her.

But.....after the show she was shocked at how the stylist put things together....yes they were classic styles but she put a fresh spin on them.  Then we started talking about that movie The Thomas Crown Affair....because she had watched it recently and in actuality the fashion show reminded her of Rene Russo's style in the movie.

In fact there are numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to her outfits!

I mentioned to my friend that it reminded me of a "capsule collection" where you have a few different pieces and they can all be mixed and matched.

I decided to put a few outfits together that could maybe fit that bill.....couldn't we all save $$$ if we followed that reasoning?  Myself included!

The first one I used pretty much all black but adding a camel jacket.

necklace, purse, jacket, top, leggings, shoes

Here is an all black outfit similar to one she wore in the movie!

Below I paired some of the items with jeans for a more casual look.  In the movie she had on camel pants and a jacket....but seriously I could not find a camel suit!

I saw a skirt similar on the Layfette148 website but it wasn't in the fashion show.   I found the one below which was similar at BP.

Here is an image of the Layfette148 outfit!

Here is how to take a LBD and make it more casual.....but still look "hot" :)

And last.....dress up the leggings with some pearls....

I've got one more day in Boulder so hopefully I will have some pictures to share with you on Friday!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend....



Anonymous said...

I loved Rene Russo's wardrobe in The Thomas Crown Affair! Most of what she wore in that movie was Michael Kors for Celine, and I would wear any of those outfits today (20 years later). As for Lafayette 148, I always make a point to look for their items during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Their items are classic, tailored, and of decent quality. I always feel put together when I am wearing one of their pieces.

Anonymous said...

Okay, does anyone else ever look at what fashion models wear and think, Well, when someone put that outfit together, she ran out of ideas and just slapped anything on her. Look at the outfit the model is wearing while standing on the stairs, above. On the top half, she has long sleeves, a jacket, and a scarf wrapped around her neck like it is 30 degrees out, and on the lower half, she has a ridiculous summery, floaty, see-through skirt, paired with ankle socks and boots.

I do love your blog; you have more energy and more creative ideas than almost anyone. (Maybe you could help dress some of these unfortunate models :) :) )............

Gail Storti said...

Nothing I love more than classically chic! So timeless.

barbara said...

Rene Russo's hair in TCA is INCREDIBLE! Next to Pierce, her hair was what I most distracted by in the movie!

BTW- Anoynymous's comment about how models can wear a coat with a summer skirt...I notice that all the time. In most of the country, the winter is brutally cold, that won't work! LOL!

cindy hattersley design said...

Sherry, I love this and I love Rene Russo in anything. I wonder what she is up to. I am working on a fashion post this week and I am going to link to this! Hope all is well with you. I am reading your posts backwards. Maybe you need a little trip to California to cheer you up? We would love to have you anytime, anyway! Love You!

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