Well well.....the southern team has spoken!  And it was something I had not thought thanks!

Too much white for the pre-wedding festivities....what was I thinking?  


Any way I have revamped a few outfits even though I spoke with my niece and she was cool....please don't let it be said I have bad taste:)

And yes nude or a matte gold shoe was hands down the vote.  I actually have some but might look around for something new.....cause you know...a new dress and new shoes goes together like Ken and Barbie.

Today I have a few images of a project I have been working on.

This house has been finished for a couple of years...although not completely....meaning we have been slowly decorating it!

The architect was Castro Design Studio and I love all of the special touches he came up with like this iron fence around the porch!

We finally got a dining room rug which was not easy...the room is square and nothing was looking right until we found this 12 x 12!

It warmed up the space so much.....

It looks out onto the back porch with these great iron doors.

She had a "girls night out" last night and I love this wooden piece she picked up!

Cool huh!

The food was so good!

Here is a few pictures from around the joint!

I really love how the backsplash turned out!

And this brass strip on top of the cabinets.

The wallpaper in the bathroom has a slight shimmer to it which you can't really see in these pictures.

She served this and it was so good!

So that is other news I have a client having a party so I have been busy getting some things finished up but more on that next week!!

Yesterday I fasted for 24 hours....that was not easy folks cause around the 20th hour I got pretty crabby.  You are gonna think I am certifiably crazy but I decided to do the Faster Way To Weight Loss.  

Y'all that is a complicated diet.  Between you and me I can't really figure it out and I will say that WW is much easier.  You only have to be able to count to 23 [that was my limit].  Plus I have lost only 2 pounds in almost 4 weeks.  With WW I was losing at least 1.5 pounds a week.

I have 2 weeks left and then I will give you the full scoop.




The Grey Dove Cottage said...

Gorgeous dining room rug! I like the curve of the paisley patterned pull shades paired with the Chevron patterned backsplash, the combination is interesting, classic yet contemporary. Beautiful House, would like to see more.

Ima said...

I tried FWTW and it was not for me either. Leaving the program is about as complicated as the diet was. I had to prove it was not for me. I found that odd, but then the program was not for me!
Please realize I am not dissing the program, as it does work for MANY people!!!! I had joined with high hopes, just it was not for me.

toocolorcrazy said...

This is all sooooooo amazing and restrained. Love.

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