If you are on Instagram then you know I had a busy weekend.....DK Gallery in Marietta, Georgia had an art opening where 20 or so designers picked a piece of art and then curated a small vignette to co-ordinate with our selection.

Of course I said yes 2 months ago and then I had to be prodded to actually go pick out my selection and after everyone promptly put their vignettes together..... I was knocking on the door at 4:00 with my table and flowers.....sliding in just under the opening at 5:00 pm.


I picked a piece that was titled "Last Day Of Summer" Laura Surace

So I went down into my "collection room" commonly known as the basement and dug out this old table.

Grabbed a tray and threw some wallpaper and fabric together!  Of course these are my colors and now you can see the method behind my choice of art:)

Flew into Trader Joes for some greenery and there you go.  Old Target vase also from the "collection room" :)

Then of course I had to dress to match everything and I wore this Target number....which I can't find online anymore.  I actually got it on the sale rack for 22.00.  Score.

They were actually pretty comfortable but after 5 hours NO SHOE IS I right?

It was a fun night to catch up with friends Lori May and Lisa Mowry below

Lori's selection

I also wore it last Thursday night with flats..... please excuse the sour look on my face...haha
And if you look closely you can see that I have to keep my LR sofa covered up so Cami doesn't lay there 24/7.


While I was there networking I get this text from my husband.

He wanted to show me the empty dog food container.  


Meaning I should stop for dog food on my way home [25 minutes away]  after working all day.  Uh 8:45 pm I had to go to Pet Smart.....

Yet.....he is retired and is less than a mile from PS.

Can you see where I'm going with this?


But who could resist this face....

I found this beautiful vase at HomeGoods....and threw in 9.00 worth of white gladiolus for impact!

Alrighty's wedding week and of course I have a cold.  

Not happy about it.



debra @ 5th and state said...

Smashing! love the colors and textures in your vignette. And that dress, Target? $22? looking gorg!


Judith said...

I love the painting you chose but am really disturbed by the red splatter on it, which makes me think the subject is contemplating harming someone. Maybe that was the artist's intent.

You look nice in the photo you don't like; the dress, flats, purse, bracelets, and ponytail look classy.

sjudge said...

Well gees, he's a Hoosier - got to remind him to stop snacking on the kibbles

Anonymous said...

That sour face matches the painting “Last Day of Summer” ;)
Get well soon...flush it out with lots of green tea.

Su-z said...

You are a genius! And $22 for that dress!? Zicam is great for colds. Kind of a miracle product.

We found Western Boots said...

So clean and very well organized. i love you designs also

Anonymous said...

You make that dress look like $$$$. Totally get your irritation over the late night dog food run.. been there, done that! After years spent struggling to get 40lb bags of dogfood in and out of a cart at PetSmart with no automatic door, I switched to Delivered right to my doorstep and no fight with the hubby as to whose turn it is to get the dog food :)

cindy hattersley design said...

If I put on a Target dress it would look like look like a million dollars but shoot you are Sherry Hart. Good photo for upcoming Ageless Style (remember...I am not going to let you forget)...How about one from the wedding?

Shelly said...

Sorry so late. I love your dress, you look great in it. And sweet Cami, love her to pieces. Hope you are feeling better.

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