BEFORE AND AFTER MASTER BEDROOM AND BATH I last one to know about the Puppy Bowl?  I mean I guess I've heard about it but this time I actually watched it and it was hilarious.  Just watching those puppies made my heart all mushy.

This was the first weekend in a long time that I did not have appointments....and boy it felt good.  No Agenda !

And....I actually thought about cleaning out my closets but then I slapped myself to come to my senses.

I still have some before and afters from the Southern Homes article.  This renovation by Ladisic Fine Homes seems to go on forever!

The bedroom and master bath were totally revamped!

Before master

This window was replaced....and we took the bookshelves and moved them.  This allowed for more closet room on the other side.

Not sure if you can tell in this image but we added wood paneling to the ceiling....

The Lee Jofa trim on the curtains...

This beautiful Schumacher fabric for a pillow on the bed....

We kept her bed and lamps only adding new white shades!

Before of master bath pretty now huh!  The shower was enlarged and a window added for light.

Before of the deck tub.


The wall color is SW Passive and it is a new favorite of mine.

So....only the upstairs and landscaping left!

A little TMI for you today.  At my age I don't expect to be sporting pimples.....right?  But yesterday I awoke to look at my face with 3 monsters staring at me.  

One above my eyebrow....fairly on my nose that was bothersome but the real kicker was right below my bottom lip at the corner of my mouth.

That one is a real beacon....and I expect it to be around a while.  So if you see me try not to stare:)



bluehydrangea said...

Beautiful!! Love all your before and afters!! I would love to see a close up of that trim on the bedroom curtains!! From a distance it looks amazing!

Calypso In The Country said...

Stunning before and afters! I am in love with the tub area...You are always so inspiring.
Enjoy your day!

karen said...

sherry get some of that old fashion calamine lotion , the pink stuff , use it over night. that'll knock out your visitors.
you can buy clear but the pink works faster.
signed , mother of daughters

René said...

Beautiful as always!

Melissa I. said...

What a beautiful reno! Folks don't realize, I think, what a difference a new shade can make!

Also, my husband says having gray hair and pimples is one of life's cruel jokes. UGH!

Elda gray said...

Would love to see a pic of shower and even more pic of bathroom! Stunning!

Gail Storti said...

Love it all! The new window in the master bedroom is gorgeous, boy, what a difference a window can make. And the master bath...beautiful! As for the pimples, been there! The stress of your crazy week decided to show it’s pretty little “head” on your beautiful face! Just rude!
Thanks for sharing more of your fabulous project.

DeeDee said...

Beautiful renovation!Could you please share the bathroom stool source?I adore your sense of humor!!

juilethebird said...
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Anonymous said...

At almost 54 I still acquire new "friends" on my face that have their own zip code. Sigh

Great Transformation!

michele said...

This is a gorgeous makeover, Sherry. I'm making a note of the wall color. I say you exploit this second adolescence of yours! Look in the mirror and practice saying "Duuuude...I'm totes bored" and also "Why are you making such a big deal outta this?" xox

Unknown said...

The is absolutely stunning! Love the blue and white transferware pulling the books and shelving together. We actually feature some traditional blue/white pieces in our shop! And that bathroom is gorgeous as well. Fantastic transformation. Have an amazing weekend! :)

KimB said...

What a gorgeous space! Nice job! The Yarmouth Blue looks so different when I compare the wall with the lovely curtains to the little snippet of wall behind the bed. I wish I could see a larger glimpse of that beautiful bed pillow!

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