We are back on the "this and that" train today......

I can honestly say I did not get too much done on the much as I tried I could not organize my thoughts to stay focused.

I did go walk the Atlanta Beltline Sunday morning and lawd it was darn hot.

After we did 6 miles we ended up running 1/2 a mile around this track.....

Maybe that is why yesterday was a wash for me.....haha.

Except we grilled dinner and I'm gonna let you in on a little secret....
First of all get this Salmon from Trader's yummy.  

But the corn.....take some Franks Hot Sauce and mix with melted butter.

Brush it over the corn and grill it.  You will know it's done when it starts popping!!  Brush more on it before eating.  Duh 

And there's a first....a recipe from me.  Mark your calendars...

And I got a little present from a friend...

Cute Huh?

I have been helping Michael Ladisic with his new office.  We had the bathroom covered in this Romo Omexco black and white herringbone grasscloth wallpaper.

It's like this paper was made for me right:)

For this dead space we added shelves and I crawled all over Atlanta looking for a few trinkets to fill them.....

There was only one problem....Michael is a Ford guy NOT a Chevy guy so the picture of the Corvette was out!'s just a secondary bathroom Michael....Nope.  Take it back.


So we decided to take a picture of his truck and go on Framebridge.  I have never used them before so I'll let you know how it turns out.

The camera on Iphone 7 is amazing!  I can't wait to see the outcome.

Speaking of black and white.....below are some pillows from one of my favorite trade vendors Sugar Feather.  

Oh baby.....I'm giddy.

But.....since we are on the subject of pillows here are some others I saw at the Atlanta Market.

From Sudi

Moss Studio

I am not sure how we went from corn on the cob to pillows but then's a look at how my brain works.



Unknown said...

That wallpaper kills me- I love it! Great pillows as always, you've got a great eye.
Stay cool!

Unknown said...

Boy, would I like to go plllow shopping with you. We could do a lot of damage. I admire you getting out in the heat. The idea to frame a photo of his truck--genius. I'll have to remember that when my son buys his first pick up. He keeps showing me pictures like I'm going to buy it for him. LOL! And the wallpaper. Killer. Although boys and grasscloth in a powder it scrubbable?!

Kathysue said...

Always love some good pillow shots!! Black and white delights!! I see lots of ethnic prints popping up in your future as well. The wallpaper is a stunner and Yes it was made for you!!

JeanneW said...

I love that black and white Romo Omexco pattern. Coincidentally I just bought the most adorable sandals with the same pattern across the top. It's almost sold out at Nordstrom but if you're interested...

FYI: It runs big. I had to downsize a half size.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

That's a great tip about the Trader Joe's salmon. Going to try it. Was it fresh or frozen? Who doesn't love Frank's...another great idea. I think I will run over to TJ's now.

Susan said...

I comment probably every other year, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! You are a bright spot in my days, you always crack me up. Don't ever stop! Also, your work is beautiful and always inspiring.

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