OK....back to all kinds of randomness today.  It's going to be a busy week because the Atlanta Market opened on Tuesday!

Yesterday I worked at Sudi's while she was at the Mart setting up....if you saw my Instastories then you already know that.  

I was bored so I went through every pillow and stacked them "color coded".


That took about 2 hours and I was sweating in the end:)  After she came back we decided she needed a few lumbars so that was where the fun began.

I got to go through all the fabrics and help put a few together!

That was heaven.....

And she finished up my cafe curtains for the Madison Project!

I was in Ralph Lauren at Lenox the other day and saw this gallery wall.....

It spanned three huge walls so if you live in Atlanta I suggest you get over there and see it!

And in other news I started putting together a basement design plan and got all crazy with color!
Totally not like me:)


I managed to make it to Scott's for a few hours last Thursday and saw these....

Hubba Hubba.....I forgot how much I loved white and gold together!

On my Manchester project I think we finally found a chandelier to go over the DR table....

I went to the mart and saw this beauty from Arteriors Home

She wanted "bling" and I think this meets the goal!

I hoofed it down to the Four Hands showroom to take a look at the table top....and it met my approval.

I saw this glass beauty at Arteriors and got all giddy....

As a designer my house is usually the last place things happen.  After the photoshoot last September I literally have not done a thing. 

But I did get a wild hair the other day and changed out my bedding for a summer look....

I ordered these Ryan Studio pillows at Highpoint.

And I know what you're thinking....she sure does love that dog fabric....

Why....yes I do!  Had this cute pillow made for a vintage chair recovered for a bathroom.

You are probably think this post is so lame....just short of showing pictures of toilet paper.

 If I throw in a picture of Camelot will you forgive me:)

That cute face managed to throw up on the bed 4 nights in a row last week.  It seems like grass, rocks and peach pits do not agree with her.

Who knew......#lifewithdogs



debra @ 5th and state said...

yesterday I get to Sudi's to place an order and they said you left 10 minutes before, dang, wanted to show you my hair, then again, you did not know what it looked like before!!!

love the gallery wall

I have a question that no one can answer.......why do pets RUN for area rugs, sofa's & beds when they need to throw up?!?!? but she is too cute


oh yes, the pillows looked divine!

BarbaraS said...

Peach pits have cyanide! You might check with the vet!

Wendy said...

What is thAt dog fabric? I love it.

Anonymous said...

Please share the manufacturer of the dog fabric and please, decorating gods, let there be a cat fabric. I love your random posts!

Anonymous said...

I want to know who makes the dog fabric as well. ED makes a really cute dog fabric, too.

Kisha Gianni Designs said...

So much better than pictures of toilet paper! Keep on keeping it real. You are a breath of (hilarious) fresh air! :)

Kathysue said...

I didn't think of toilet paper one time while reading your fun post!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you know the name of the stand with the white/gold landscape paintings. I need them!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you know the name of the stand with the white/gold landscape paintings. I need them!

Flournoyfrance said...

Interesting updates...with excellent pictures...What is the name of the DOG fabric...absolutely love it! Merci,

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