It has been a crazy week.....what?  It's only Tuesday?  Well so far yesterday was crazy.

On Sunday I must have has 3 or 4 minutes with nothing to do and I decided to download Yosemite [the newest operating system for Apple computers].  Whoa that sucked up my whole day.

All went well except I could not open the mail app.  No problem I thought I'll just google and see how everyone else did it.


After trying everything that was within my pay grade [without rewriting the whole mail program which some people seem to be suggesting!] I gave up.  That was hard because I don't get frustrated with computers like some people.

That evening after getting into bed I made an appointment with the Genius Bar for Monday afternoon.  Meanwhile I was typing all of my emails on this

With my iPad.  So glad I ordered one of these from Amazon the other day....it's awesome.

Anyway that  12 year old genius at Apple was able to fix me up.  Winning.

Let's leave my first world problems and get back to design.  Preferably pillows:)

While at the Mart the other day I wandered into the Codarus Showroom.  They carry great lines like Dash and Albert, Zio Bios, Moss Studio and todays subject.....Bandhini Homewear Design.

Pillows!  And gorgeous ones!

These caught my eye and I was all in from there! 

I did take some pictures but after going to their site I got prettier ones for you!

Should I just change the name of this blog to Pillow Indulgence?

Here are some shots with designers using their pillows.

Duh....neutrals for days right.....
Tai Schaffler started this line in 1993 in her garage in Australia while raising her son.  He now works with her! 

A little update on Cami....I tried an experiment and left her out of her kennel the other day for a couple of hours and.....she did great! 

[my beach bunny]

Progress :)

I am off to Boulder on Wednesday for a couple of days.  More staging on a new property for my stepdaughters husband.  Yay!  Shopping!



Kathysue said...

Love all of the black and white pillows and of course the blue and white, are right up my alley. I am going to check out their website, thanks for the heads up!!
Enjoy Boulder!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sherry! Love your blog and humor! Just got an iPad and working my way through the cases. Don't like the ones with built in keyboards, too heavy, but very interested in your keyboard. Would you mind sharing the make and model? (There's 400 pages of them on Amazon! Sheesh!) Thanks.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

OH those pillows!!!! Have a good trip.

Pink Camellias said...

Gorgeous pillows! You are lucky that you can leave Cami out for any length of time. We have two Italian Greyhound rescues, and if they are left out for a minute when we are not home, we are greeted with a "present" upon return!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Thanks for the intro to these pillows! They are gorgeous! Have a wonderful trip! xx

Vickie @ Blanche & Kate Design said...

Oh my goodness, I am a pillow freak and a textile lover. Obviously, the two go hand in hand and the pillows that you share are just FABULOUS!! Love it all!!!

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