Whoa nellie.  That was some kinda response to my ORC room.  I was overwhelmed.

In most cases by the time I have finished with a room I can't look at it objectively anymore.  I start thinking do I even like it and what do I need to change...blaa....blaa.

Over think.  Over criticize.

But those are my demons.

You came back to hear some details about the room so here goes.

First up is the fabric.
I have used it before in the last ORC [my guest room].  

Do I love it?  

You betcha. You can find it at Lewis and Sheron
I love that it has a pretty cream background and so many variations of greige.  

The wall color is BM White Dove and the cabinet color is ASCP French Linen.

We ordered the seagrass rug from Overstock and I picked up the hide at Scotts.  I love using seagrass for it's texture and durability.  

This rug and table came from World Market.  The sunburst mirror was purchased at Target in the summer [not really knowing where it would go but at 14.00 I could not pass it up].
The pillow in the chair was mine and I used them in the Inspiration Showhouse.

When I was first trying to shoot this room I looked for inspiration on the internet.  Photographing neutrals can be tricky.  

I found this shot of my good friend Steve's DR.  His blog An Urban Cottage is a favorite.

The colors are similar but the green accents really help to make the shot.  So I took a cue:)

Another small detail we did was take a piece of pine and stain it for the 2 small bump outs.

Here is a picture of the light fixture before.  I got this a couple of years ago at the Currey & Co. warehouse sale for 5.00.  Probably because there was no glass.

I love the shade that Maggie whipped up for it.

  It added softness and gave it some presence.
 These Robert Abby lamps used to be in my living room.  The shades came from some other lamps I had.

Yep....I love lamps and chairs.

In this shot....the floor lamp is RH and was bought at the outlet years ago.  The small round table is from HomeGoods.  The bird prints are from Scott's.  Pillow from HomeGoods, throw from Ikea and I bought the bamboo chest  at Lakewood Flea Market [sadly no more] 15 years ago.

The chest and small bamboo table are purchases from Scott's.  The throw is from West Elm. 

The furry gray pillow and bracket are from HG.  
 The tray is from Target and the beads are from The Queen of Hearts Antique Market.

I think that is about it.  I hope you had a chance to visit all the reveals....they were pretty awesome.

Thanks to Linda for all of her hard work putting this party together.  She is the best.

Let me know if I forgot anything!



Kim said...

Love it all .. .the details, the pine boards, the texture ... yep, Awesome!! xo

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing the sources. That is a great looking room! I love grey and white, so I loved that room. I like how you used a lot of high and low priced items to make up the room.

Simply LKJ said...

Thanks for sharing the sources. I was thinking the World Market rug was from PB. Looks identical!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

You are the best! I love how you styled and shot this room. Photography is so important, and I struggle with it. Steve has an amazing blog so full of great ideas. Thanks for the sources.

Laurie from Laurie Jones Home said...

You hit it out of the park! Thanks for listing all the information! I may have just bookmarked it! (:

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Oh are a girl after my own heart with your bargains that look like a million bucks.

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Love it, Sherry.......what a great look......clean, charming, fresh and sophisticated!

Calypso In The Country said...

I love seeing all the details and where things came from! What a great deal on that awesome mirror!

Unknown said...

Love everything you did. Natural wood elements are key to the overall look. Love the BM paint colors!
Really phenomenal job Sherry!
xo Nancy

Donna-s Lair said...

Wow....really put together well! What? No bunny this time? I was going to ask if you were going to apply rub n pun intended or leave her vintage? ;-)

Jennifer said...

I need to be your sister.

Vel Criste said...

Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks Sherry! Never thought about all these things until you mentioned it, really very helpful! Again, this room is gorgeous and knowing all the details makes it all the more amazing!

An Urban Cottage said...


The styling of that dining room shot kind of makes me chuckle now. It says, I'm going to sit down to read some books and drink some gravy.

Love that little bamboo table!

Karena said...

Sherry your room is so wonderful, comfortable, stylishly chic. Love it all. The fabric is perfect!

The Arts by Karena said...

This room is so beautiful, to say it again. I can't get over how many items you've had for years. Your sister is a lucky chick to have you. I smiled at the picture of Steve's dining room. His look is so his own, don't you think? I wish you could see his house in person, because it really is that special.

Karan said...

Love what you did. Question: Where do you store all of the stuff you have that you aren't using? Do you have a secret way to deal with extra stuff you aren't using but know you need to keep? Mine just ends up screwing up a room cause I can't figure out what to do with it!

susan said...

Sherry, you truly are the "neutral whisperer." Whenever I decorate in neutrals, it's just so blah. You have the magic touch for sure. Wish you were closer to Chicago...I need some fresh eyes on a couple of rooms...:) Have a great weekend.

Just Spiff It said...

I love it! Each and every detail.! You are amazing!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the sources.

Anonymous said...

A really great room, with such a variety of things from so many sources........ truly the secret to a beautiful space!!

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Thanks for all of the details - I wanted to eat up every last bit of that room!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

pretty friggin incredible, you are SOOOO good!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

Amazing… as usual! The pine boards are brilliant! Your sister must be in heaven :) So glad to hear that even the great Sherry Hart over-analyzes… makes me feel better about the sleepless nights I often have over window treatments or light fixtures :)

Unknown said...

Looking for Forex updates ...

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