Glad you could find some humor in my purse story.  

And it was nice to know that there are a few others out there [even some "younguns"] who are entertaining themselves with crazy stints like mine:)

Since I am kind of known for using neutrals I thought I would pull together some inexpensive items from Home Decorators today that can help with that look in your own room.

I am starting with pillows.

Most of these have ton's of texture which you drastically need when working with neutrals.

Next are some great lamps [all from Home Decorators]

On to some ottomans/poufs.

Accent tables
Lot's of texture here.

Last are rugs.  I saw so many good ones.  Most of these have pattern.

And of course Seagrass….which could be the foundation to layer any one of the above rugs on for added texture.

And….don't forget to add some green.

There you go.  I did not plan on this post going where it obviously went…..a gazillion images…..but I found so many great things and I wanted to share with you.  

So get your neutral on.

We didn't even touch on art, paint color and accessories.  Maybe another post….

Thanks for hanging in there with this one….



Mary Ann Pickett said...

Love neutral...and I could use a gray garden stool in the living room and an ottoman in the bedroom!
Thanks for the great info.

René said...

Such a great post! I do use Home Decorators, but this is a new perspective. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Home Decorators is really stepping up their game! Of course you found the best stuff so I don't mind lots of pictures, gives me lots of ideas!!!

Nancy said...

love these accents you picked! home decorators has seriously upped their game lately. i'm impressed with a lot of their stuff especially their furniture.

An Urban Cottage said...

You're always so generous with your information sharing. I would never think to buy anything from there but there's a bunch of stuff I'd love to have.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

I've had my eye on the teak stool! Of course they didn't have it in store so I could look at it, drat.

Mary said...

My home is full of color. Mostly blues. In fact, I've never lived in a home decorated in neutrals. But recently my best friend re-did her kitchen in all neutrals & I have to say...it's very calming!
Who knew? You did, of course!

A room with a view said...

Love the variety of ottomans and poufs as well as the end tables. Tempting pieces, some of them :)

cindy hattersley design said...


I am amazed at how many good things you can find on HDC. Not always sure about the quality but as long as you keep that in mind...

Judy Brown said...

New reader here. I was innocently looking at a post by that nice, talented man at The Urban Cottage. He is working on his floors and he had an impossible-to-resist photo and link to your white ones.

So apparently you need to register your blog with the DEA as a controlled substance because I have spent the better part of the last three days reading your entire archive..and I am only up to October 2012. Honestly, I have a life, I am not loony, I have never read the entire archive of a blog before. This is some serious narcotic here.

Anyway. I have a question that has really been bothering me (I am not a design professional). I am also a neutral girl. Sometimes I try to put neutrals together and the undertones in the tans/beiges/grays/taupes/browns/blacks/whites don't work together. I really blew it in my kitchen where my gold granite Clashes with my travertine floor. Hot mess. (I wonder if I could paint my floor?) When you mix neutrals, it always looks great in your photos. You don't seem to obsess over the undertones or even mention them. Do you even think about that consciously or is it all instinct? Do the undertones only matter in large items like flooring, counters, sofas? I would love it if you did a post about how you approach that. The Houston-look, Belgian-look designers all seem to get away with mixing neutrals with different undertones and I love it. How is it done successfully? Am I just overthinking this?

Katy said...

I love the idea of adding more neutral accents, especially throws, when it starts getting cold.


Unknown said...

Love that HD is going custom on so many things. We're sourcing them at the moment and can't believe their great price points. Nice reminder
Post- I often forget to check them out!

A Toile Tale said...

Sherry -
Have you shopped the HD in Alpharetta? It's nice to see the merch. email me when you're going there and we can meet for a glass of wine! :-)
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I'm going to have to check out Home Decorators....looks like they have some great things!

Julia Ryan said...

Love neutral! It's so hard to get it right though, I need you to come help me! And bring in some greens ;)

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