I am getting down to the wire for my last install of 2012.

One of the final parts of putting a room together is to drill down on what I need for the walls.   There are many factors when choosing but budget [probably #1] and space are the most important.

I am a big believer of not putting something on every wall...let the room breath and the old saying "the eye needs a place to rest".

Plus I do like to choose art that is fairly neutral so it can be moved around.  Unless  it is the WOW factor then all bets are off :)

The bedroom that is coming up is blues and soft browns [yes again].  We had the walls painted from a dark brown to a neutral off white.  One of the reasons is that most of the furniture is dark wood.

Here is a picture of some of the pillows that will be used in the room.
I will be acting like a little elf sprinkling these beauties around!! 

I always have a stash of vintage egg prints....because they happen to go so well with these colors.  I actually have them in my own bedroom.

After I purchased the frames, I strolled over to my favorite framing joint.  

Locally owned and a fast turnaround time!

 Which usually helps me as I can tend to be a "last minute kind of gal".......

It happens to be right next to my sisters restaurant so I can pop in to see her at the same time.....and beg for food :).

Here is where we started with the matting.  The reason I take a picture is it really does help in the decision process....swear.

Questions?  Do I want to leave some of the cream color?  No.  BUT since the background of the pictures each have just a subtle difference of color I think I need to double mat.

Crap...more money but if you are going to go through the effort.....then get it right.

Number #2

Even though there is brown in some of the pillows I felt it was just too harsh.  So it was no.

I chose the last selection....gray.  Although there is not gray in the room it is what looked better with the art and the frame which had a "blueish gray" washed affect.


I picked them up and here is a sneak view of the finished product.

You can't tell here but I had them framed out bottom heavy...which means that there is more mat under the picture.

Hopefully I will have some great pictures to show late next week and you can see where I am hanging these bad boys.

Blow out the weekend people.  In fact start today.  Right?

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with many of the peeps that I worked with when I did the shelter.  I can not wait to see Lisa's  [see her new blog here] house.  She has fabulous taste.  I am sure everyone will be taking pictures!



Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Matt and Frame looks just right!
and ..
I know you will "trow" the pillows in all the correct places.
Have fun tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

NanaDiana said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sherry...and get everything done that needs to be done. I will check out your friend's blog- xo Diana

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I clicked over to Lisa's before I said "HI".

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on Fast Frame. Are their prices competitive? Hop over to my blog for my oxygen facial giveaway. Sounds like you could use some pampering after working so hard on your installs.

Karena said...

Just right Sherry! I Also like to bottom weight the mats. Love the egg prints! Oh and the pillows.

Art by Karena

michele said...

mama likes the eggs.

since you commanded it, i went ahead and started the weekend. party on, sher sher.


Lisa Gabrielson said...

Omg. Pressure! Pictures?? So glad you are coming girl. Leave the camera in the car;). The eggs are wonderful. Great call on the grey and the double mat. Bottom heavy. Perfection. The pillows are amazing. Great work and thanks so much for the mention.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Just lovely...I am a last minute gal too.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

The framing looks great. I owned a picture framing business and it's amazing how the matting can change up a picture, and how much a double mat adds so much to the overall affect, even if it's white on white. I'm swooning over those pillows too…I love the fabrics you choose!

Unknown said...

Double matting should be the norm, it looks extra special. Your choices are perfect and they are going to look like $$$$.
Have a great weekend, and Happy Holidays Sherry!
xo Nancy

designchic said...

They look fabulous. I have egg prints in our bathroom and they seem to be just the right thing with our blue and white geometric wall paper. Love the frame and can't wait to see them hanging on the wall!!

lisaroy said...

double matting is so worth it! You chose the perfect combination! :)

Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

The matting looks great! Good luck with your install this week...happy holidays!

philippine real estate said...

That matting is I like the most! Can't wait to see he next update of your place. Bookmark it so that I will be back to read more. :)

Arrielle Pascua

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