It is Good Friday....and believe it or not I have a presentation today.  That is what happens when your clients work.  Sometimes it is either nights and weekends......but I prefer bankers hours...10-2.  Duh...who doesn't!

Update on my dog:  Finally after 3 phone messages left over 2 1/2 days I got a call back.  Conclusion....still do not really have a definitive diagnosis.


After spending 2500.00 on test? [ read that right]


Needless to say, I am beside myself.  For that matter, I am behind myself.....under myself.....on top of myself....I think you get the picture.

SO.....I got some good advice from a friend who said "You take that baby up to University of Georgia [about 90 minutes away].  They have a Veterinary School and they will give you answers".

 After phone calls to my primary vet...referrals....faxing of all info...I hope to get some answers Tuesday morning.


I know you remember the house I have been working on where we did the reclaimed fireplace surround.

I have a few pictures of the laundry room.  It is by no means finished but paint, new floor, and removing a few doors to the old cabinets made a huge difference.


Now my suggestion was to move the cabinets up and add an open shelve underneath. people don't always listen to me......NEWSFLASH.

This was an opening where they had a refrigerator [see it in the before picture]
Yuk...the floors.

Bottom cabinets.....

Looking into the laundry/mud room from the kitchen area.  We took up those floors......

The after.  Painted.  BM Kentucky Haze.  The idea was to paint everything in the room the same color. That way the cabinets blended in.  Took off a door and trimmed out in beadboard.

Did the same with these bottom cabinets.  She has 4 kids so each one will have a laundry basket of folded clothes.  In "theory" of course :)

This is the area where the fridge had been.

Chalk board wall.  That is the door leading into the kitchen.

And the new honed slate floors.  The countertop had to stay.  Budgets constraints people!

It is a good start.  Some baskets....cute accessories....a nice bright stripe runner.....a big improvement right!

Have the bestest Easter ever...enjoy on everybody.

AND...if I don't say it enough.....thank you  so much for reading my blog, taking the time out of your busy life to comment.  Every single one of your thoughtful words about Patches sincerely touched my heart.

Sha the max.


Corrine said...

I am so sorry for your doggie problems. Hopefully, you will get some answers soon.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the remodel/redesign series. Thanks for sharing. I am getting all kinds of ideas!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Catching up with you, this morning, Sherry!

Hope you have answers about your pup soon! I am sure the U of GA.Vet school will be helpful. Mizzou Vet school has certainly helped us with our "babies" in the past.

I like your idea for painting cabinets and walls the same. I think this might work for our master bath. Absolutely hate our tiny white vanities. Maybe the solution is paint. And less pricey than a total redo...even if that is my dream.:-)

Happy Easter!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great looking laundry room and love the floor. I hope you can get some answers soon on your poor doggie. Georgia University is where we were advised to carry a cat with a broken leg many years ago, but we just couldn't afford it. $2500 already. Wow!

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

SO sorry to hear about your snoogums! He is going to get better and you will get some answers! I hear UGA is the best.

LOVE the laundry room! I have this think about beadboard, so I am seriously loving that section. The floor is fabulous, too.

Have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

I know what you mean about peeps listening. I keep suggesting to my husband about painting our cabinets white, moving them up with an open shelf underneath. His respons paint will peel and how will the shelf take on? LOL... I think this is way of trying to get out of it. :) I should surprise him and do this myself, but than on the other hand he might give me the "honey do" list!!

I wish you had answers for your pup, but I'm happy you have vet school within driving time.

Sending you warm wishes for a Happy Easter! xo

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Lady I'm so sorry to hear that your doggy issues continue. I know the heartbreak and frustration and hate for you to go through it friend.

On the fluffy note, I'm loving the laundry room! In between fits of jealousy, natch. Mine is teensy, but the plan to paint everything the same has officially been adopted. Thanks Sha-genius. XOXO

Crazy Wonderful said...

Argh!!!! Well, here's praying you finally get the answers you need next week. BTW, the floor in that space is insane, love it!

Abby M. Interiors said...

I am so upset to hear about Patches and your lack of answers. You're doing the right thing taking her to the UGA! Please keep us in the loop.

So yeah, that floor is freaking fantastic! Trimming out the open shelving in beadboard is also a favorite touch. You're genius.

And did you see how your house went viral on Pinterest from your BH&G article? So fun watching your success. Happy Easter!

Deserae said...

I'm sorry to hear your baby is so sick!!! I hope you get some answers soon! The not knowing is the worst.
The laundry room is fabulous....I am so envious of course! LOL
Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Sherry, what a great makeover on that laundry room. Love the new floor. We are close to TX A&M University here and I've always heard that if your pet has some serious problems, you get the best medicine at the lowest prices at their vet school. Smart move to take your baby to there.

P.S. I paint everything the same color a lot too on hides a multitude of sins and makes everything seem bigger! Love it.

My Interior Life said...

Of course, the home looks great. I am so sorry you are going through this with your dear pup. Definitely hit up the vet school on Tuesday and see what they say. Sending prayers and good vibes your way on this Easter weekend!

Pura Vida said...

you to the rescue! AMAZING!!!!

A Perfect Gray said...

sherry, that was great advice about going to the university for a diagnosis. keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get some answers.

great laundry room work. what a huge improvement. love your cubby ideas.

have a cadbury egg for me! donna

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Sherry that is a great laundry room...great idea to paint the cabinets and walls the same color. Love the bead board inside the cupboards and I want those floors in my bathroom!

Sorry you still haven't heard good news about Patches...hope you get some help at the university...good luck!

Happy Easter!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I don't even know where to start. The new color on the walls, the chalkboard wall, those built-ins, that floor! It looks amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing. You've inspired me!! And prayers that the docs at U of GA will help to get an answer for your poor puppy. Best to you.

michele said...

happy easter, sherry.

sending positive energy and prayers for healing your way.

that sense of humor of yours is GOLD so don't you ever lose it!


Barbara Matson said...

Sorry the dog issues haven't been resolved - he is really turning into the million dollar dog :) what we do for love eh?

Love the laundry room, what a huge improvement!

Happy Easter Sherry!

NanaDiana said...

Sherry -First off, I am so sorry about your dog. It is SOOO awful to not know what is going on with them. I hope the U Vet school can figure it out. And, I know money doesn't mean much when you are trying to find answers but that is a lot of $ for no, to say nothing about the aggravation and anxiety.

As far as the laundry room that turned out really nice. I love it, don't you? I opted not to put overhead cabinets in my laundry room but am now thinking I should have...maybe I will end up with some open shelving there. xo Diana

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Sherry, You are very talented. Love how things are coming together.Love the bead-board and details you added.So sorry about your dog. I hope you find out whats wrong. Have a wonderful Easter.

Mary said...

My father was a vet. He's in heaven now but the next time I "talk" to him I'll mention your puppy & ask him to do what he can.

Holly Gruszka said...

Oh good, take that sweet pup to the U and I bet you'll be in great hands (and get some quick answers). I love seeing your work Sherry and I love those slate floors in this laundry. Oh one day my laundry room will hopefully look like this! Have a great weekend!

From G2B said...

Oh, how frustrating! I cannot believe still no answers. Your heart must be hanging low today. Good luck with your decision, friend!
xo Becca

Cindy said...

Looking great Sherry! I love those floors too, it's gonna finish out so pretty! Can't wait to see the baskets tucked in there.
I did see the movie where Shirley McClain went ghetto with the nursing staff... and i didn't blame her one bit, loved that scene!


An Urban Cottage said...

Animal problems are so frustrating. If they could only talk it would make things a whole lot easier.

Did you see this post about me that was inspired by your last post?

Happy Easter to you!

Unknown said...

Great start on the laundry room! Love the changes you made - it looks so fresh. Hope Hope Hope your sweet pup will be fine and you will get some definitive answers. xo

Susan M said...

I hope you are considering finding a new vet! It's inexcusable not to call you back, if only to tell you they still don't have a diagnosis...they should have called YOU to follow up and see how he's doing! Good luck at UGA next week, and Happy Easter!

And I love the built ins AND taking the doors off the cabinets! What a great idea!

Marianne said...

Hope you get some answers soon, my friend. You do always seem to make me LOL every time I read one of your posts, so thank you for that :) Love the laundry room, you are always so full of great ideas. Happy Easter! xo

designchic said...

So hoping your precious pup is better soon and UGA will find you some answers (have a niece and nephew there now). Love the wonderful transformation with the laundry room area. So great that there is a coat area at the back door and a great idea to paint the cabinets and walls the same color and add the beadboard!! Happy Easter ~

Acquired Objects said...

I'm so sorry your still don't have any answers about Patches. I hope you find something out soon that poor baby!

Have a Happy Easter with your family Sheri!


Victoria said...

I hope everything goes well with Patches on Tuesday. You did an amazing job on the laundry room. I love the idea of removing some doors and using beadboard interiors. It shows what can be done in spite of budget constraints -- which most of us have. A lovely Easter to you and yours.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ingenious work on that laundry room!

Best to the Pups

Best to you too!

Missi at Havoc-to-Heaven said...

I know UGA will figure out what is going on with Patches! I have heard wonderful things about their vet clinic up there.

I love the laundry basket cabinet. I wish I had room for it in my laundry. This is the smallest laundry room I have ever had and it is driving me crazy.

Have a wonderful Easter! Hope to see you soon for lunch! Missi said...

First, I hope all goes well with the baby at the new vet. My dog is like my third child. Well, he is, actually, so I really feel for you. On the laundry room -- those floors are better than anything I could hope for in my whole house! I LOVE them. LOVE them. Brilliant job in there.

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

I'm so sorry you don't have a an answer about Patches. So sad for her and you. On the other hand the laundry is looking great. I love the color and especially the floor!

It was so good to see you on Wednesday. You always give me such inspiration! Have a wonderful Easter!

Take care and keep me posts about Patches?

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

We could have sent our dog to college for all the money we've spent on that boy! Insurance on the next dog I think! Our nearby Vet school university has been a huge help for our guy's many issues. Best of luck on Tuesday!

gREAT floor, btw!

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

I love what you've done with this space! The floors are amazing! And goodness gracious..I'm hoping your dog is okay. I can't believe they still couldn't give you a diagnosis.

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