Holy smokes....we haven't talked in 10 days....but I was roped [just these girls]  into joining some of my "blogging besties" to do a post on Design Trends! 

You know how when someone ask you to do something and it sounds like a good idea at the time.....uh huh....well here we are.  The day before it is supposed to post and I am racking my brain about things I have seen the last few months that feel like they could last a while.

I'm here for you though.....

Right off the bat.....since we are entering into our third year in a pandemic....some things have changed!  

People are home more so we need better office space and home gyms.  While those 2 things have always been popular I feel like they are amplified and more important than ever.

More importantly let's talk about some of you might know I live pretty close to the Atlanta Design Center [ADAC] so I am always over there scouting for fabrics and 2 times a year many fabric lines come out with new colors and patterns!

While the "all white room" enjoyed a pretty good ride and of course the "gray train" wore us out I feel [and have felt this for a while] the warm tones are back and will be around for a while.  I just painted a condo Ben Moore: Cloud Cover and it is so pretty!  Not yellow at all....just a very soft ivory.

Also jewel tones are making a comeback...and not the ones from the early 90's either.  They have been toned down a little!

I am hankering to use some of the fun patterns and colors......Also....Brown is the new Black!  You heard it here:)

I also read that Venetian plaster and lime wash walls are HOT! The walls below have that beautiful sheen from VP.

Opalescent Venetian plaster in a Herzig-designed L.A. home.

Photo: Laure Joliet

How are we feeling about dark furniture?  Well....guess what....I am pretty sure the dreaded armoire is making a comeback.  Now listen before you get all me.....let me explain.

Not to hide the TV.... but as a beautiful piece of furniture to be showcased in a room.

I found all of these on Charish!

There is one designer who I know uses a dark piece in a room all the time....Daryl Carter.
If you don't have this need to get it!  

Seriously it was one of the first design books I ever bought....

These pictures are all of his work.....

He is amazing.

Also...I think adding a vintage piece in every room is big now.  

This quote below by Athena Calderone say it best:

"Vintage is the protagonist of every has the power to influence the storytelling and direction"

Rooms that do double my office which is also my laundry room.  I mean of course I would rather have a tricked out space to do my laundry in.... with 2300 square feet....I gots to make do right!

Before I sign off....I looked up some warm paint colors for you.....I'm so helpful haha.

And lookey here....these are from 2017 but still so relevant now right!

Looks like the 2021 colors are still going strong!

I was really hoping I would get to the mart before this post deadline but I am going today and should see more of what is trending!

And.... here is a cheat sheet....make a copy.....fold it up and put it in your wallet.  Then before you buy something you can take a look and make sure you are allowed.....I am cracking myself up.....

Jewel Tones but warmer with a muddiness to them
Dark wood furniture
Organic finishes on walls
Bleached furniture [still going strong]
Mixing Modern with vintage
Hand blocked fabric
Black and White [still...but add color]
Wallpaper [yes....still happening]
*Old English Sheepdogs
*Old Ladies like me.....

OK...I just threw those last ones in to start a revolution....haha 

Y'all take it easy and run over to the other blogs to take a look at what the REAL experts are saying....




cindy hattersley design said...

Of course you put a hilarious spin on this. I find it hilarious that in one article they say neutrals are out and the next it's the new neutrals! I guess it is our job to point out what we see and what we think works. It is rather interesting as we were saying how the trends are so "relative". I read that brown is in as well. Will we be seeing a lot of leather? Tell us Sherry!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You crack me up! Cindy is good at "roping." You cannot say no to her. Ben Moore: Cloud Cover...I am going to try this!!!

I love all your observations including the dark wood's about time.

Take care!

beyondbeige said...

Oh, so everything I threw out is now in. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Carla Aston said...

Totally agree on your trends too. Loving that SW Ski Chalet palette. I'm always finding myself drawn to warm white, browns and cinnamon or caramel. Such a comforting look! Great to connect on trends with this group today! Hope to see you at Design Influencers Conf in Atlanta in March. I just signed up!

Sarah said...

Girl, you’re ALWAYS happening! Thanks for this!

bhicks said...

Sherry - Love you and your blog...seriously, thanks for keeping us informed and entertained!! I just painted my master bathroom in cloud cover and it is gorgeous!!

Karyn said...

Thanks for another funny and informative post. You and Joni Webb along with Cindy, Annie and Mary Ann? It is like Christmas morning. :) REALLY! Wishing you all the best in 2022.

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry Love this. Was so excited all my favorite design gals were collaborating. You know I have Cloud Cover in a few rooms and I love it! Not cold at all. I saved your paints. All these colors are so perfect and much better than the periwinkle they are pushing. I'm considering an entry in one of those avocado colors! The list at the end was the best of all these posts.. and I concur about sheepdogs and old ladies. You're the best.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago, there was a commercial that showed, “When *sponsor* talks, everyone listens,” and all the people in a crowded room hushed and listened. Well, the industry should listen to you; all of your work is outstanding and livable and attainable. YOU are the reigning expert.

Anonymous said...

The so called "new" looks and colors remind me of my grandmother's and her friends houses. It gives off a more cozy look and feel than the all white rooms. We need to feel warm and cozy in these crazy times.


Gail Storti said...

I was so excited when I saw you were one of the “talented” bloggers in this series. Your humor and wonderful design style make you, Sherry, one of my top 3 bloggers. Your posts are always excellent and filled with so much informative design information. Thank you for your dedication to give your followers a bit of your amazing design knowledge and always, lots of laughs!

barbara said...

We missed you at market! Great images of new ideas, refreshing to see!

patty said...


From someone who uses a wonderful local interior designer, but sometimes the pocketbook makes you have to do things on your own, I appreciated this blog!!

Unknown said...

Oh, the armoires I've loved before. There was one with caning on the doors, which of course is all the rage now. And a chunky English oak one I let the 1st hubby take- it weighed a ton!! For a long time now I've been a cream girl. The bright white only works if it is expensive white stuff. Cheap in white looks...well cheap. ie: the new fancy farm houses which truly aren't fancy. Short cuts on cabinetry and trim painted white still looks cheap and cold to me. But obviously not everyone agrees since they sell like crazy in the ATL burbs. Brown and camel are always going to work for me. Think about your wardrobe, right?

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