Well.....what can I say about vacations!  They are wonderful but dang coming home to the "real world" is a bit of a struggle....

I got in Friday evening and Sat and Sun my sister and I worked all day cleaning out my younger sisters kitchen and family room as they were starting the demo of the kitchen on Monday morning.  

Whew.  It was a far cry from what I was doing last weekend:)

Anyway this is the kitchen I blogged about on Dec 1st and this is how long it took to find a builder, order the cabinets and appliances!  Can you believe it?  #everythingtakesamillionyears

There was one little issue that popped up the end of April and that was.... my sister [the one who owns the restaurant] was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.  Yeah....that kinda sucks right.  

I mean.....crap.

The good news is that it is treatable and has not spread beyond the lungs.  The bad news is well....it's cancer and nobody likes to hear the C-word.

She has a great doctor and is getting chemo so our fingers are in the praying position.

All this to say that my sister and I were trying to set up her "suite" upstairs so she would be comfortable without a kitchen.....can that even happen.....and we had to move the bed, put down a rug, carry up a heavy chair....which involved me holding said chair while it was wedged almost in the door while we took off the door......and so on.

But...dang it we got it done and she was pleased.
High....damn....five to us.

So the demo is done...

The above is the changes....we broke into a closet behind the kitchen to allow for a bigger space and turn the island.

Above you can see the closet on the left...that allowed for double ovens next to the opening of the kitchen...

This the the fridge wall changes....

All ready now!

I did make a few design changes....of course right?
I mean that is what we do....I had way too much time to think about it:)

I was torn between doing the cabinets White Dove or Revere Pewter but she has always wanted a white kitchen so that was the deciding factor!

I am using the same faucet that I have in my kitchen because I LOVE IT.  Yes I know there are more "trendy" ones now but I am all about function and I love the ease of this one.

I will pick out the countertops on Monday.  I am torn between using a quartz and a quartzite.  Tick Tock....I need to make this decision ASAP.

The backsplash is not white but really close to BM Revere Pewter so that is what color I will be repainting the floors.....

It probably wasn't the best time to do a kitchen reno but in the long run I know she will be so happy.  

I still have a post about my vacation for ya!

I hope everyone has a great Fathers Day.  My Dad passed away at 63....but he is watching over us I am sure of that!

As always thanks for reading.....



barbara said...

Prayers for your sister Sherry. Hopefully, the kitchen remodel is something enjoyable to be involved in as she heals. She has two great sisters, that is clear!
Coming home from vacation is indeed difficult! Went to St. Martin a few weeks ago....working is not nearly as fun!
Happy Friday!

Melinda said...

I hope your sister tolerates her treatment well. I went from wanting quartz to moving toward quartzite. The quartz sample stayed on my island until it looked so like the corian countertop it sat on. The quartz had some color in it, but I just realized it was an updated corian.
My reno starts mid August. I think everyone in Atlanta is renovating or trying to find someone who can renovate their home.
Good luck

debra @ 5th and state said...

Since Dec. 1st!? it's crazy out there

but most importantly is your sister, your family has been through so much, sorry to read this Sherry. please keep us posted

take care, coming down and cannot wait, let's get together!

Gail Storti said...

Yes, I know that feeling of coming back home to reality after days of total fun and relaxation.

Going through a major kitchen renovation is super stressful, so kudos to your sister for continuing the project while taking on the fight of her life. She is so lucky to have the very best help from you, expert in all things decor and her other sisters. Sending lots of prayers and support for a totally successful treatment, she’ll have many years to enjoy her new kitchen.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE have your sister contact Bonnie Addario’s foundation- she’s a lung cancer survivor and she focuses on helping lung cancer patients get the best care in their area. Terrific resource for your family!

tanyaj said...

it will be gorgeous but i say use quartz , quartzite looks kinda like a weird vinyl when you do a big piece

Anonymous said...

Sherry, prayers for your sister’s good health 🙏 We renovated our kitchen and a3 bathrooms with quartzite countertops (Taj Mahal) Regretting it big time! There are so many “don’t” when it comes to that stone. I’ve lived with formica, tile, corian and granite countertops... quartzite is a sissy stone! Can’t do this, can’t do that when it comes to cleaning it, or it will etch. Wish we’d gone with granite or quarts! ... How did Cami welcome her Mama home?

Karen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sister's health. Medicine has gotten so much more effective where cancer is concerned. My husband has bladder cancer and seems to be getting along fairly well.
I can only imagine how lovely the kitchen will turn out once you've finished.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your family.

Sarah said...

Sending good thoughts for your sister's treatment and recovery. She is fortunate to have you by her side through this. Alla famiglia!

Jennifer said...

Prayers for your sister! She is so blessed to have y'all by her side!

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