Well if this isn't one for the books:)  Posting on a Sunday.  Darn.....who am I?

I am all off kilter here..... all honesty I decided to wait until after I went to Scott's so I could share with you some of the cool stuff I found.

I had not been in a couple of months.  I know some of you are scratching your head thinking damn if I lived 20 minutes from that amazing antiques market I would go every month.'s kind of like living near the beach.  You know it's always there so you don't go that much.

This month it was different as I was looking for some accessories for clients so in that respect I scored!

I saw these chairs and they were amazing but just not deep enough....

I always stop for a big beautiful sunburst mirror!

I picked up 6 of these for a client for an all cream room....gonna be pretty with just that pop of green!

I also picked up these for a clients know me I gotta add that patina!

I really liked this picture and almost sent it to a client but I hit a wall at that point I think....haha

And of course I am always taking pictures of styling for inspiration!

This whole situation below had me giddy!

Rose was proud of me because I wanted to buy this blanket but I managed to walk I need another vintage blanket:)

This was one beautiful mid century chest in perfect condition!

Oh yeah....this was a little deal for a clients back foyer....just a little styling piece you know!

This pillow....yes please!

And this gorgeous beauty!

Then we ran across these original Heywood Wakefield chairs and Rose bought them for a client! We found them on 1st Dibs.....and she got them all for the price of just one!

I always say yes always to pretty pots!

I also picked up a series of these little bird prints for a client:)

And a series of the cool black and white abstracts for another client...... I told you I scored!

Just as I was leaving I saw this cool table....of course I would have to rough it up a little cause it was a little too new looking!

Some amazing rugs......

I picked up the middle rug to try for a 3 more.

Loved this over-dyed rug!  Beware though....because if you try to clean them sometimes the dye can come off!  Just FYI

This beauty.....

All in all it was a fun day.....had a "slaw hot dog" and chips for lunch also.

So now I gotta go make my bed, walk Cami, do my 4 mile walk and then organize my DR table which is full of piles of paperwork that need to be filed!

Y'all have a great Sunday!



Ron said...

I miss Scott's so much from my ATL days. Yo definitely scored.

Anonymous said...

How do you bring all your purchases back home? You both truly scored some fantastic pieces.

debra @ 5th and state said...


if I cannot go, 2nd best is seeing Scotts through your eyes

Gail said...

That would be a dream come true, spending a week at Scott’s! Even better would be to go with you, I could carry all your purchases! Thanks for sharing the wonders of Scott’s!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool, whimsical and one of a kind treasures! Thank you for sharing.

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