I am embarrassed to say this but I never started Game of Thrones....and now I feel left out.  Easy to rectify if I have 73 hours to binge....not sure when that will happen.

I think I am more of a Mad Men type of story line...binging 92 episodes of that seemed like a minute:)  And I was depressed when it was over...I felt lost.

I made it back from Highpoint on Wednesday and Thursday I was exhausted.....no energy.  It is always visual overload for sure so Thursday night I went to bed at 9:15. It felt so good.....

But let me show you a small amount of what I stumbled on while I was there.

I thought you might enjoy the view from our room!  We stay about 20 minutes from Highpoint and it's normally an 89.00 @night room but elevated to 290.00 @night during market!

This is where we always go for dinner the first night...the misspelling of Lunch should tell you something:)

But....they have these so all is good.  Which by the way will get you quite loopy if you drink the whole thing....hee haw.

Arteriors was our first stop and they never disappoint.

I thought these were tiles and immediately started planning a backsplash but was told by Lori that they were just finish samples....I can be a goof.

I am always looking for unusual bathroom mirrors!

My fav below....although Lori had a good idea to put a piece of glass on it.  Brilliant.

Moving on to Visual Comfort.  So many new introductions from great designers even Ellen Degeneres.....and hers were pretty awesome also!

We all know that lighting can make a space and it's nice that VC was also showing a lower priced line they now have.  Lights for everybody!

My favorite light from Currey and Co.....duh:)  Also followed by some great small drink tables....which I am also looking for!

I briefly walked into this booth but they were so busy I could not get any info....looks like wallpaper from Wendy O Connor and I am smitten with it!

And last up towards the end of the first day we cruised through Thibaut and I saw some of the wallpapers I posted about a while back....

How much do I love this paper below:)

And while there was a huge storm outside.....

Notice where Highpoint is....right in the middle of that mess!

I was in a nice dry space looking at some of Hooker's new line.  When we think of them we usually imagine big chunky furniture but things are changing over there and I was surprised at some of the findings!

So that was the end of day one.....

Hope you enjoyed the tour.....I've been busy working on my ORC and I gotta tell ya....it's hard and maybe I should have just stuck with my element.....black and white.  I mean crikey It's like the House Beautiful project all over again.




debra @ 5th and state said...

do I sound like a brat if I say I missed it because I was in France? yes, but ticked off at myself for booking at the same time as HPM. your share means the world, hope there are part 2, 3, 4.....

ditto games of thrones! have no idea what it is even about, and not a chance of watching from the beginning. so there, 2 of us!

Linda O said...

Game of Thrones is definitely worth it ! I fought it for 5 seasons against the advice of my kids. Binge-watched it while on the stationary bike and fell under its spell. Brilliant. Now I'm sad the end is near. WINTER IS COMING !

Dian Owens said...

I'm #3 non-watcher of GoT! I even gave up cable/satellite tv in 2009! Saved a bundle of $$$ to use on my home. No regrets!

Sherry, I love, love, love your market posts (and designs)! Wallpaper, ED lighting, coffee tables... No wonder you had to go to bed early. Hope you missed the storms that passed throughout this weekend.

cindy hattersley design said...

Love seeing all your finds. You found some fabulous stuff. Love that Circa is doing a more affordable line. That Currey & Co lamp is to die for....and I agree with Lori a piece of glass for that beauty. Have you ever tried to balance a glass of wine on a rattan table? Yikes!! So happy you are doing the ORC. I haven't followed it much the last few years.

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