I can't believe we have landed in the middle of July already....time is moving like a race car. Christmas will be here in a hot minute and I am not happy about that.

It also appears that my blog post are not being emailed again.....crap it's always something huh? 

I wish one of you left brain people would figure this out because it is way above my pay grade:)  Unless it is dealing with colors or fabrics I kind of glaze over you know?

Enough complaining!  On to the bathroom remodel.

These are just some sneak peeks but I am kind of digging where this space is going!

We started with a trip to Floor and Decor.  I knew we could find something there although my client was leery.  She was clicking her heels together when we left with these samples!

The inspiration for the room was Zen/Rustic.  That means we need a little modern and something to warm up the space.  Here is what we came up with.  From left: the floor tile, the large 12x24 on the shower walls and the small glass tile for behind the tub.

Then we took a trip to find some reclaimed wood for a large shelf/mantel over the tub.  We also scored some boards to go behind the vanity.

The custom made vanity arrived and it was perfection....thanks Phil!

The tile got installed....

The reclaimed wall was installed.  There will be a glass wall separating.

....a Toto wall toilet was installed.

I love how all of the neutral colors look together!

One of the focal points of the room is the round soaking tub.  

The floors make me giddy....I love them.

Toilet area.

Coming together.
Waiting for countertops, glass walls and all the pretty so stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the reveal.

Make every second of this weekend count!



therelishedroost said...

I love that faux bois flooring. its just wonderful! I cant wait to se it all pulled together! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

While this is not my style, I'm in complete awe of your ability! You are the designer I wish I had. Sherry you swing all over the place!

Kathysue said...

My TEXTURE gal strikes again. Can't wait to see it all completed. YOU are amazing,
Happy Weekend,

Sheila said...

Gorgeous! I'd love a bath like this in my mid-century home.
What are the floor tiles? Are they ceramic tile?

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a gorgeous and unique bathroom!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looking good. Love the tile choices. Yes, the subscription email problem is driving me nuts and I may have to switch services and pay. Not happy!

Florence said...

Could you share what type of floor is on the bathroom? Your work looks fantastic!

Betsy Cobb Gordon said...

What an amazing bathroom! Can't wait to see everything come together.
I've sworn off maxi dresses because of your last post, still laughing about that almost disaster. Good grief, commando?
Have a great weekend!
Betsy Gordon

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

I love the floor tiles... so cool!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That floor tile is gorgeous Sherry!!!!

Unknown said...

gorgeous, simply in love with it all myself. Great finishes and colors. I love the round tub! Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, I love everything about this bathroom! What great taste you and your client have!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love it all. the tile, the wood, and the vanity! What a beautiful combination.

debra @ 5th and state said...


who is the manufacturer of this killer floor tile?

Dawn Gepfer said...

The floor tile looks similar, if not exact, to what we used in our bathroom build out. I carried the floor pattern up the wall (lots of arguments with the installer but eventually he saw it my way). It is AWESOME & I'm giddy with it, too.

Julie said...

Oh my word, this looks so gorgeous already! That reclaimed wood is delicious, and I just love all of the textures you are bringing together. Can't wait to see more! said...

That floor!! That tub!! I'm dying to see the finished room.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Captured the rustic zen feel perfectly. Loving all the neutrals and textures combined. Client HAS to be thrilled. Bravo, Sherry!!!
Judy G.


Really enjoy these type of floors- rustic, ehat I like the most it's the texture!

Cindy said...

Oh wow... it was so fun to scroll down through the pics and see it all coming together. I don't even know what a wall toilet is!? Guess i'll have to go look it up online because now i'm curious...


Unknown said...

It's really gratifying to see how you are remodeling your bathroom on solid foundations. From the materials, right down to the general attitude you've all got going there. I won't be surprised to see a final version that will be really stable and logistically sound, yet would feel easy and comfy to be in. Thanks for sharing that!

Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG

Unknown said...

You totally nailed the zen/rustic look in your bathroom remodel. I’m inspired and I might just have to tackle my remodel on my own! The Toto wall toilet kind of scares me though. I always feel like those could just break off and crash to the floor. Maybe I need to put a scale next to it and keep my weight in check lol!

Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

Katherine said...
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