Well here we go....Ice Stormageddon 2014.  "Ain't nobody got time for this"......seriously.

 I think about small businesses losing money because of the bad weather we have had this winter.....I know my sister has felt it at her restaurant Nancy G's.  I am OK as long as I don't lose power but I know that is probably going to happen.

I scooted up to Scott's on Thursday with my friend Erika from BluLabel Bungalow.  She had not been in I showed her what she was missing:)

She ended up staying longer than I did and went back the next day.'s that good.

Of course we were oohing and ahhing and I did not get many shots but I am including a few from January.

I should have gotten this for my sisters restaurant....great price!

I love the colors in these buoy's....and they made a pretty watercolor!

Waterlogue  #ican'tquityou.

And speaking of color......

And speaking of zebra....


I am obsessed with camel, cream and black right now.  I even started a Pinterest Board.  

Great console with zinc top.

Chair's to love

Color smack.

Get your "pimp" on.

There were 2 and...sold.  I mean these would make a space.


Mid Century art....

Of course I always take pictures of blue doors and such but I don't want to prompt "really.....another blue door Sherry?"

I finally started putting my house back together after the Christmas purge.  

Yes I know it is February.  File under "whatev".

Coffee table.  Can you tell I am into "tray on tray"....#ocd

Another vignette.  Yes I did "waterlogue it"...your point?

The new Jim Thompson showroom at ADAC is killing me.

JT wallpaper.

Shut up right?

This was about an hour ago....please be gone by Friday.

If you are local I hope you stay home and stay warm today.



Nancy said...

Oy! Your pictures from Scotts are killing me! I think a road trip is in order when we visit Savannah this summer. I'm sure my husband will go for a four hour detour to Atlanta :) Hope your power stays on!

René said...

I'm going to make it to Scott's one of these days. Love your waterlogue creations. PS Have fun doing taxes with your husband ;)

Stacey {steward of design} said...

Love your trips to Scott's. Those huge mirrors are to die for.
I'm loving black, tan and white as well. You should check out my Instagram of some new pillows I got in that scheme, since I'm just too lazy to blog about it. ;)
Stay warm!

Vel Criste said...

Stay safe Sherry, I know that Ice is pretty bad in your part of the country right now! In love with that settee and yes, you are getting good at using waterlogue app for sure!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Great stuff! Love those hands! Yep, that chalkboard would have to come home with me. Stay warm and safe!

Simply LKJ said...

We made the trek to Scott's on Sunday. Hadn't been in years. Stay warm!! I am so over this.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I have that cow chalkboard and love it. We just have snow and sleet and hopefully won't lose power. I hope yours stays on.

Anonymous said...

Sherry, do you go to both the North and South buildings? I heard that South is better priced, so I haven't been to the North building in ages. I wonder if I'm really missing out? You've posted so many thingsI don't recognize which is why I ask. Perhaps it's just all gone by the time I make it on Saturdays?

Woodside Park said...

I think we're getting the storm tonight! Yes, really bad for biz. Always love your tours of Scott's!!! Hope to visit one day.

srldesign said...

So many good finds, I love the mirrors you found!! Stay warm. And #waterlogue everything. ;-)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I missed Scotts yet again this month, but I am determined to get there in March! Still have our power, thank God -- what will I do with the teenagers otherwise? Stay warm and powered up!!
xo Heidi
PS -- I got my wine stash this time around! Learned my lesson!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You stay safe in this weather girlfriend!

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

We did have fun, didn't we? Until next time! xo!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

There is big bad snow right on top of us here. I keep screaming "Waterlogue, take me away!" and Instagraming my waterlogued summer photos.
Stay safe and cozy.

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

Sherry, out a bounds with Scott's selection! The fur coats remind me of Joe Namath's Super Bowl look - I don't know why everyone made such a fuss, he looked right in it!
An ice storm is always terrible - we used to use golf shoes with the metal spikes if we had to go out. Step carefully! said...

Fantastic shots of Scott's. How I want to go there!! It's killing me. I'm all over camel cream and black, too. Stay safe in this weather. We are just now getting it in New England. Thanks for sending it our way lol.

Kathysue said...

Always fun shopping along with you!
Stay warm and cozy,

debra @ 5th and state said...

oh my heart goes out to all of you! we have the equipment in snowy chicago, i was there once in an ice storm and i was one of the few on the road.

LOVE your scotts photo's especially a show i went to. leaves me wondering, what is wrong with me?! i "saw" none of these treasures!

fun through your freakin good eyes!

An Urban Cottage said...

Who's the JT that makes that wallpaper because I'm sure it's not Justin Timberlake?

StagerLinda said...

I always love your pictures of Scott's. I want those hands and a Buddha to hang jewelry on. I just got Waterlogue today and and crazy changing pictures. Happy V day, dear! We've been snowed in almost 3 days.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I'm in San Diego for my mom's birthday...just not going to rub in the weather here. But we don't have Scott's.

Unknown said...

We have got to make the journey to Scott's Mecca one day and we will kidnap you!! Love your recap every time! Good luck with the weather, and I am sharing your black and white and camel love as well!!! Xox Nancy

katykey said...

Sherry! Any details on the seller of the mid-century painting? The scene depicted looks just like the place we got engaged. Little treeshouses tucked into the SC swamp.

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